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How can we change the world for the better?

Updated: May 14, 2023

How we can change the world

All sensible people want to live in peace, tranquility, freedom and security. Yet, why do we watch ourselves descend rapidly into the abyss of hostility and murder, tearing apart our only home, planet Earth, and condemning our children to suffering and death? Why do the majority of people become victims of the unhealthy ambitions of individuals whose only goals are to rule and dominate? The cruel scenario of the consumerist format has been implemented for 6,000 years. So, how can we stop the pinnacle of inhumanity and change our world for the better? In this article you will learn the following:

• why it is impossible to completely eliminate wars and keep everyone safe in a consumer society;

• what the Creative Society is, why it is our only way out, and how to build it;

• what everyone can do already today to change our world

We will also consider the frequently asked questions that people encounter when they become acquainted with the Creative Society project.

Why is there so much evil, hatred and war in the world?

Evil, hatred and war are merely the consequence of the consumerist format of relations in society, which has existed for 6,000 years. In the consumerist format, selfishness, money and power take precedence. Constant self-enrichment of some people at the expense of others and incessant struggle for power exclude peace and order, contribute to poverty, hunger, diseases, and create social classes and inequality. Market speculation and pervasive hierarchy displace humanity, mutual help and care. There is severe competition for resources at all levels, which leads to their plunder and depletion. People with a selfish mindset have no concern for the future. Human life is devalued and in most cases used as cheap labor or as a military resource. There is still exploitation of child labor in the 21st century. The consumerist format, dominated by the power of the few over the majority, creates conditions that force people to survive at all costs. These inhumane conditions affect the masses, reducing their thinking to their own egos and self-care. All of this together leads to the degradation of humanity. Therefore, in order to change the world, we must change the conditions.

How can we change the conditions?

In order to change the conditions, we need to change the dominant format of relations in society from consumerist to a creative one. To do this, we need to build the Creative Society all over the world. In the Creative Society, the fundamental and the highest value will be the Life of every Human, their safety and freedom.

How can change the world conditions

For more details, see the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society.

Where did the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society come from?

For 10 years, volunteers of the Creative Society project and participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement have been conducting a large-scale survey, where people from 180 countries of the world, of different social statuses, religions and nationalities have expressed their opinion about the society they would like to live in. The 8 foundations of the Creative Society were formed on the basis of these responses — the desires and needs of most people.

Why would it be better in the Creative Society?

In the Creative Society, the highest value will be human life, and not on paper, but in reality. Everyone's basic needs will be provided for by birthright. All people will have equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, race, or religious beliefs. The 8 Foundations of the Creative Society eliminate social tension, inequality, classes and prejudice of any kind, including religious or racial ones, as well as enmity and division.

Why would it be better in the Creative Society

A healthy society can only be built by mature, understanding, and responsible people. Social stability and responsibility in practice can only be achieved under the conditions of a creative format of relationships when human life is valued above everything else. If people's mindset changes from consumerist to a creative one, then the incentive and approach to the fulfillment of one's duties will change, as well as the quality and results. Any product or service (such as food, technology, education, healthcare, and so on) in the Creative Society will be made not for the purpose of earning capital and promoting business, but for the purpose of improving everyone's conditions of existence, thus ensuring safety and provision of vital needs. Since everyone will be financially secure from the very beginning and creative ideology will prevail in people's minds, no one will have a desire to cheat in order to enrich themselves or profit from other people's grief, to divide and conquer. Doing good high-quality work for the sake of all people will improve not only their lives, but also provide a secure future for their children in such a society.

Does anything really depend on us if there are those who decide for us?

In the consumer society, the few rule over the majority. The few issue decrees that the people must obey. They promise good conditions, freedom and safety to people, but fight only for their own power and comfortable conditions.

In the Creative Society, there will be self-government of the people. People will not delegate power over themselves to anyone else; they will not be deprived of their own rights and freedoms; they will take responsibility onto themselves. Everyone will be able to actively participate in society's life, everyone will have equal rights as everyone else.

Everyone will have equal rights to everyone else

In the Creative Society, the people collectively make decisions and appoint executives to be accountable for their implementation. But not the other way around as in the consumerist format where people are just a cheap labor force that has to submit to the will of a few individuals who are detached from the real world. In the Creative Society, executives would have the same rights as any human being. If the result of the executives' activity does not satisfy society, people immediately recall the person to whom they entrusted the solution of an issue. All this is realistic to implement thanks to modern technology for instantaneous communication with the world. Electoral control, total accountability and transparent open activities of the executives will eliminate any opportunity to usurp power.

At one time, I was impressed by the video Creative Society Unites Everyone with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov on the ALLATRA TV channel. After watching it, I began to ponder how a person changes when he gets to power. As I understand it, no matter how good, kind, and ethical a person may originally be, when he attains power in the consumerist format of society he finds himself in conditions where there is a gap between him and the people, causing him to lose his humaneness. I think that even if at the beginning a person has good intentions and a desire to do something for people, in the consumerist format of relations, the leader's circle will do everything to preserve the former environment of manipulation and power over him.

As for what happens to a person when he stays in power for a longer term, we can observe this in the world history of different countries. The same processes happen to these people. As a rule, this person becomes detached from world realities; empathy and people's pain become alien to him. His further actions totally differ and contradict his original election promises. It is precisely the conditions of society's format that must be changed in order to change the situation in the world as a whole. That is why the Creative Society is important, where there will be self-government of people along with accountability, where no one has the right to wield power over another person. The second foundation of the Creative Society states:

“There can be no one and nothing on Earth superior to a Human, his freedom and rights. The implementation of Human rights and freedoms must not violate the rights and freedoms of others.”

What will happen to thieves and criminals?

Let's examine this issue from the human perspective. What drives people to crime? First and foremost, hunger, need, poverty and hardship. All of these are problems of the consumerist format. But in the Creative Society, the conditions will be completely different. People will simply have neither the need nor desire to commit unlawful acts. What would motivate them to take a risk when a person lacks nothing, he has everything, he is safe, and his rights and freedoms are observed? If he breaks the law, he would lose it all.

By breaking the rules, putting the life and safety of even one person at risk, an offender is putting the safety of society at risk. In a society where human life is of the highest value, the punishment will be commensurate with the crime. And since in the Creative Society there will be self-government, everyone will be equally involved in the legislative and judicial processes, and responsible for justice and transparency at all levels. Thus, the safety on the planet will be universal.

How will corruption disappear?

Corruption in the Creative Society will disappear, and that’s a fact. I was convinced of this when I familiarized myself with the latest technologies of modern society. I was amazed at XP NRG's latest development — the multi-purpose complex Voskhod. This is really the technology of the future, the technology of the Creative Society! This unique development is designed to help society to counteract embezzlement, corruption, theft, shady schemes, deceit, usurpation of power, and other human vices during the transition from the consumerist format to the creative one. You can read the full description of the MPC Voskhod on XP NRG website.

The Voskhod multipurpose complex is a global aggregate of all existing digital data and a single data processing center for both individual countries and the commonwealth of countries. It provides openness, transparency, and accessibility of data at any level, which fully implements the Fourth Foundation of the Creative Society — transparency and openness of information for all.

Voskhod monitors illegal schemes of money

Voskhod MPC detects and monitors any illegal schemes of money export, identifies weaknesses in the legislation, as well as in the management and control system, and operates with accurate data on public and private capitals. It will provide transparency in the use of funds at all levels and will allow controlling all financial flows. This will completely eliminate world hunger, poverty, social injustice and other problems of the consumerist format during the transition to the creative format.

Voskhod MPC detects and monitors any illegal schemes

But what particularly impressed me was that Voskhod MPC is effective in assisting humankind or an individual country in the event of an emergency in nature or the technosphere, regardless of its scale, and in solving the problem of mass migration of the population. Currently, this is a pressing problem in many countries of the world, including the leading ones, due to global climate change.

The Creative Society idea reminds of the idea of communism. What is the difference?

Communism incorporated the idea of absolute equalization of all. But it is fundamentally different from the Creative Society. Yes, in the Creative Society, essential basic needs would be provided equally to everyone from birth. Everyone would have equal rights to receiving a high level of education, medical care, food quality, and so on. Everyone will have everything they need to live well and comfortably. But if a person wants more than that, he will have to do more good for society. The important factor is a person's efficiency in society.

People will be motivated to take responsibility, actively participate in the life of society and make society better. The creative format ensures favorable conditions where everyone can fulfill themselves in any sphere, develop their talents and best qualities. At the same time their work will be useful and necessary, and they will be able to get a decent fair wage for it. The life of such a person will be socially important, full of meaning and value. In this case, society will evolve and the living conditions of each person will improve.

The idea of communism initially contained a positive motive to return power into people's hands: to create self-government. But with the preservation of the consumerist format, the power of the few over the majority made this impossible. Moreover, it concentrated power in their hands through violence, creating a cult of the party and the leader. Since human life is not valued in the consumerist format, the result is that millions of people were murdered while the rest were intimidated. This is a bitter lesson of the past for our generations. A healthy civilized society will never be created through violence, terror, trampling on human freedom, disregard for human choice, or at the cost of human lives.

Neither is it possible to build the Creative Society in one country and leave around it the world of consumerist format with the ideology of endless consumption and self-destruction of humanity. Only people’s inner need and a personal choice of every individual to live in such a society will make it possible to build it across the world. Only when the prevailing majority of people on the planet take on responsibility, stop fighting, unite and change the dominant format from consumerist to creative, will nobody be able to usurp power, rule over us and kill our children. That’s the only way for the world to change.

That's the only way for the world to change

How can we do this? Through a global revolution?

The result of any confrontation, revolution or war is always the same — human casualties. As it is said above, the First Foundation of the Creative Society is the value of every Human Life. In order to build a society where people's lives will be valued and cherished in practice, it is necessary to value and cherish everyone's life already now. Building the Creative Society is only possible if it is done without pain or threat to people, meaning, without breaking the law, in a peaceful way, through informing others and uniting based on the best human qualities. It is not for nothing that the first three Foundations of the Creative Society are life, freedom and safety for every human.

Building the creative Society peacfuly, painlessly and theating people humanly

"Humanity no longer needs revolutions — humanity needs evolution." (I.M. Danilov, Creative Society video)

Humanity needs evolution

It’s important to build, not to destroy. By building something new and better, society will gradually replace what is bad and old. When the majority of the planet's population supports the Creative Society and takes an active part in its construction, we will proceed to the second stage. Read more in the article Foundations and Stages for Building the Creative Society. But first, we should inform people and unite.

How should we unite?

In the video Creative Society Unites Everyone, Igor Mikhailovich described what will make it easier for people to unite. He explained that unification is based on one idea. We unite not by means of our wallets, refrigerators or families. It’s not a financial investment, and no one should lose anything. We strive for one goal and unite around one idea. Our goal is Creative Society. Everyone acts in their place the best they can, using their personal skills, abilities, talents, experiences and opportunities. Each person is unique and can make their own unique contribution to construction of the Creative Society. One goal unites us mentally, intellectually and spiritually. This way, society synchronizes and moves towards the goal faster. The power of unification is tremendous. Everyone’s opportunities increase many times over when we are together.

The power of unification is tremendous

There are 8 billion people on the planet. How can we inform everyone?

Thanks to technological progress, the Internet, and the availability of gadgets, people communicate amongst themselves very fast. News is spread among people at lightning speed. Under present-day conditions, every person’s opportunities to inform others are limitless, while information about the Creative Society is more than relevant. As never before, people have a need to establish world peace, eliminate wars and violence, ensure safety and a decent future for their children.

In the thick of consumerist news, information about how to change the world and build the Creative Society is a great alternative for people who crave for change. Meanwhile, such people are the majority. Day after day, many see the bitter consequences of their own inaction, indifference, responsibility shifting, and pernicious delegation of their rights, authority, votes, and right to choose. But it is quite realistic to change that. The Creative Society project concerns everyone.

So now I just need to inform the rest of people?

Yes. If everyone who already knows this information conveys it to other people, acquaintances and strangers, we will proceed to the second stage of the Creative Society project faster. Informing is very simple. Communication is an integral part of our lives. However, out of habit imposed by the consumerist format, we sometimes spend a lot of time on spreading negative information rather than positive. Wherever we are and whomever we are with, we can tell other people about the chance to live in a better world and that a lot depends on each of us.

Tell people about Creative Society

We can change our world only together. If we unite, if we take responsibility, stop being silent, start acting and speak the truth openly across the world, we will be able to do that. All sane sensible people stand for freedom, equality, and humaneness. Such is our future if we all want it together. It depends on each of us how quickly humanity finds out about the Creative Society. The choice is up to each of us!

Andrew Smith

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