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They Experienced the Strike of Natural Disasters, but This is Only the Beginning

Smoke from forest fires is a complex mixture of water vapor, toxic gases, as well as fine particulate soot and ash. These particles penetrate deep into the lungs and blood of people, which can lead to very serious health consequences, up to fatal outcomes.

JUNE 8–12, 2023

🔥 KAZAKHSTAN: Very strong forest fires are raging in the ABAI REGION of Kazakhstan. They began on June 8 and quickly engulfed nearly 60,000 hectares of land. Unfortunately, at least 14 forestry workers lost their lives in fighting the fires. However, despite the involvement of large human, material and technical resources, as of June 12, the fire is not giving up. About forest fires and the fight against the fire element in our new report.


🔥 CANADA: Meanwhile, on the other continent, in Canada, the fires have been raging for two months now. The wildfire season, which usually lasts in the country from April to October, has not reached its peak. But already now the fires are striking in their scale and unusual territory of spreading. In fact, a third of the active fires are in the boreal, meaning, northern forests in the eastern province of Quebec, where no major fires usually occur.

⚠️ And in total, as of June 10, more than 400 forest fires were burning across the country, most of which were out of control. The area of land scorched away by wildfires in the past six weeks has almost reached the 10-year average for the entire fire season. Tens of thousands of Canadians had to evacuate because of the proximity of the fires, while the danger related to smoke in the air has hit millions of people not only in Canada, but also in the neighboring United States.


🔥 UNITED STATES: According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, on the morning of June 8, air quality indices in some regions of the country were the worst in the world. This was especially felt by residents of such cities as New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. The climate drama in North America has demonstrated that the climate has no borders and that a problem in one country can affect other countries as well.

📍 We live in one world, in one family called "humanity. And we can only withstand the impending climatic disasters together.

How can we do this?

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