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Updated: May 2, 2023

It is no longer a secret to anyone that the era of global changes in society, and changes in oneself as a person, has begun. It is already obvious to many that society is now on the verge. As if frozen in a lie, deceit, inhumanity, a cold snow mass on a steep mountain slope, on which all our consumerist civilization is stuck. Is this its pinnacle? An avalanche of public consciousness stress, provoked by climatic, economic, political, pandemic, and other causes, is inevitable. The only question is the consequences. How can we, humans, preempt our future now? How can we all survive and minimize the risks of inevitable losses? There is a way out!

As you know, an avalanche can be caused by a slight push, even by pressure on the snow by a single person. But where will the general movement of society be directed? To the fatal abyss of egoism and pridefulness? Or in the direction of a full-flowing creative river that will give society a new form of existence and create favorable conditions for the revival of life for the next generations of our civilization? If not you, then who can change this vector!? This article is about how to do this.

* * *

On May 11, 2019, an event of a global scale took place, which marked the beginning of the inevitable global transformations of the entire world community. For the first time in history, a large number of people from all over the world gathered together in an online conference "Society. The Last Chance" on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement. People openly and honestly discussed all of the most pressing issues that all of humanity is facing today. Most importantly, in addition to an open, truthful presentation of these issues as they really are, ways to solve these problems were also voiced. The result of this unprecedented event was the creation of a unique worldwide ALLATRA International Public Movement project — "Creative Society". What makes it unique? First of all, this project is vital for our entire civilization. In fact, this is the only possible way out of the egoistic, consumerist dead-end of self-destruction in which humanity now finds itself. This precedent and the chain of events that followed it helped to further strengthen my hope that all is not lost for me personally and for the entire humankind.

Since then, a lot has been done thanks to the joint efforts of participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement from different countries, who, just like me, were inspired by creative ideas, a lot has been done. A huge number of public surveys were conducted around the world, international online meetings and conferences were held, many interviews were filmed, interesting articles were published, and many other socially significant projects were implemented. Together, we really did a lot. But obviously still not enough to reach everyone.

During this time, we talked to a huge number of people around the world, and all, really everyone we talked to, said that they need the Creative Society, it is important for them and they would like to live in such a world.

Throughout this time, I have been thinking about how to speed up the process of spreading information about the Creative Society around the world. How can we all unite and make our efforts even more effective? How to convey this information, this opportunity to all people on Earth? After all, time waits for no man! We are almost eight billion people already, and this concerns everyone. After all, if something is not done now, then in just a little while an avalanche of disasters will cover all of us. What's to be done?

My friends and I received answers to these questions during our conversation with the esteemed Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. As always, with great patience and kindness, Igor Mikhailovich explained in detail the way out of the current situation in society, the essence and meaning of creating the Creative Society, which we want to share with all of you, our dear friends!

The Goal and the Meaning

The most important thing is the goal! If there is a goal, everything makes sense, and if there is no goal, then everything else is meaningless. What is our goal? Our goal is to get out of this dead-end of consumer society, which is in fact, a form of hidden slavery, a disguised system of slavery in which we all exist today as humanity, and to start living as a Human, not as a beast. The main goal is to achieve and build an Ideal Society of spiritually free people, a society that would guarantee our future generations a worthy life, benefits, and spiritual and moral prosperity. Society of Love and Humaneness, or as it is called in different religions — Eden. The society of the future, which already today changes you while you act and fills your life with a higher meaning.

What is necessary to achieve this? Step-by-step development. Igor Mikhailovich gave us the key understanding that the Creative society is just an intermediate phase in the evolution of humankind from a slave-feudal system to a completely new way of life for modern people — an Ideal Society. The Сreative Society is a transitional phase, without which it is impossible to reach the highest goal — an Ideal Society of spiritually free people.

Igor Mikhailovich gave an interesting associative example, "Imagine a stormy wide river that separates a drowning island from a large shore. Wild animals live on this island. Our modern society, in fact, is no different from them. We declare the right things, talk about high standards, about ideals, but in fact, we live like animals. We are divided. We have created enclaves. We are constantly fighting for territories, arguing, building hierarchies, and battling for dominance.

Is this worthy of a Human? Is it proper for a Human to live in such conditions? In modern society, everything is against a human. People themselves created superstructures, which eventually enslaved them. The priority is the interests "on paper", the interests of the "state", the interests of “society” represented by small groups, and only at the very end are the interests of the human who with his own hands makes their “fairy tales a reality", driving himself even deeper into slavery. Is this normal? By creating these abstractions, we gave them our rights. But along with our rights, our benefits were taken away from us. It's time to return everything to the people. For this world is created and given to a Human being. A human should not lose the status of a Human, and only then we have a chance to build an Ideal Society.

Let’s return to our example. The Ideal society is on the other side of the river, on the great bank of stability and well-being, which is called Eden. And in order to get away from the drowning island and cross the river of death, we need to build a bridge from the consumerist, animal format of relationships, where lies and slander rule, to Eden, where Truth and Love reign. This bridge should be made of solid stone of the unified will of people and their joint action. This bridge is the Creative Society that stands on 8 pillars. I decided to clarify, "What are these pillars?” Igor Mikhailovich said that the pillars of this bridge are the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society.


A Human is the fundamental unit of society. Humanity is one big family.

  1. Human Life

Human life is the highest value. Life of any Human has to be protected as one's own. The goal of society is to ensure and guarantee the value of each Human's life. There is not and never can there be anything else more valuable than a Human's life. If one Human is valuable, then all Humans are valuable!

  1. Human Freedom

Every human is born with the right to be a Human being. All People are born free and equal. Everyone has the right to choose. There can be no one and nothing on Earth superior to a Human, his freedom, and rights. The implementation of Human rights and freedoms must not violate the rights and freedoms of other people.

  1. Human Safety

No one and nothing in society has the right to create threats to the life and freedom of a Human!

Every Human is guaranteed free provision of essential life necessities, including food, housing, medical care, education and full social security.

Scientific, industrial, and technological activities of the society should be aimed exclusively at improving the quality of human life.

Guaranteed economic stability: no inflation or crises, the same stable prices around the world, one monetary unit, a fixed minimal taxation, or no taxation at all.

The safety of Human and society from any kind of threats is ensured by the unified global service that deals with emergency situations.

  1. Transparency and openness of information for all

Every Human has the right to receive reliable information about the movement and distribution of public funds. Each Human has access to information about the status of implementation of the society’s decisions.

The mass media belong exclusively to the society and reflect information truthfully, openly, and honestly.

  1. The creative ideology

Ideology should be aimed at popularizing the best human qualities and at the extinction of everything that is directed against a Human. The main priority is the priority of humaneness, high spiritual and moral aspirations of a Human, humanity, virtue, mutual respect, and strengthening of friendship.

Creating conditions for the development and education of a Human with a capital “H”, cultivating moral values in each person and society.

Prohibition of propaganda of violence, condemnation and denunciation of any form of division, aggression, and anti-humane manifestations.

  1. Development of Personality

Every Human in the Creative society has the right to comprehensive development and personal fulfillment.

Education should be free and equally accessible to all. Creating conditions and expanding opportunities for a Human to implement his or her creative abilities and talents.

  1. Justice and equality

All natural resources belong to a Human and are fairly distributed among all people. Monopolization of resources and their irrational use is prohibited. These resources are fairly distributed among the citizens of the entire Earth.

A Human is guaranteed employment if he or she so desires. Pay for an identical position, specialization, or profession should be the same all over the world.

Everyone has the right to private property and income, however, within the limits of capitalization amount set by the society for an individual.

  1. Self-governing society

The concept of "power" in the Creative Society is absent, since the responsibility for society as a whole, its development, living conditions and harmonious format, lies with each Human.

Everyone has the right to participate in the management of the affairs of the Creative Society and in the adoption of laws that improve Human life.

The resolution of socially important, socially significant, and economic issues that affect the quality of a Human’s life is submitted for public discussion and vote (referendum).

This information has shocked us with its wisdom and depth. Naturally, every person wants to live in such a society. Today, we, the people living on the planet Earth, have only one question: how to implement this in the shortest possible time?


Igor Mikhailovich replied that the stages are important for building the Creative Society, and explained what each of the stage is.

  1. Information Stage. Informing humanity of the Creative Society. Each concerned human can inform the maximum number of people about the Creative Society. This is what many honest, decent people from different countries of the world are actively doing now.

  2. Political stage. Formation of the Creative Society political parties in different countries with a single ideology of the Creative Society. The overall coordination of the parties is carried out by the International Central Committee, which is controlled by the international community — ALLATRA International Public Movement, that is, a community that is outside of politics and religion. The goal is simple: to use politics as a tool not of division, but of unification of people.

  3. World referendum. Holding a universal referendum on the adoption by the entire humanity of a creative model of development as the only acceptable one and crucial to the survival of humankind.

The first stage is informing humanity about the possibility of building the Creative Society. This is what we are actively doing now. People's deeds speak for themselves. A huge number of creative and socially important projects are carried out daily by the participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement, and everyone can learn about them from the official resources of the Movement and join this vital initiative.

There is a basic tool that plays a key role in modern society, with the help of which our society is governed. It is politics. If we use it, it means that we will significantly accelerate the implementation of building the Creative Society.

For 6,000 years, politics has served to enslave humankind and strengthen the system of consumerist values. However, today it can serve all of humanity in building the Creative Society!

The governance system of modern society is designed in such a way that we vote in our own country and select from the candidates proposed to us, to whom we will delegate our rights after the election. That is, we transfer our rights to people we don’t know, and thus leave ourselves without rights. After all, we have delegated them. But along with our rights, we transferred our benefits. That is precisely how we ourselves created the superstructure over a human. Will such an appointee, whom we have endowed with authority, work for us or in our interests? Will he return our benefits back to us? No, because he is used to them, and considers our benefits to be his property. He will think about himself, about his family, not about us. Why? With consumerist selfish thinking, he will consider that, otherwise, if he begins to defend the interests of people, he will descend to our level and will be like us only with declared rights and without actual benefits. Isn't that absurd? Isn’t this a form of hidden slavery?

After taking everything from us, we were given very tough obligations, which, in fact, are insurmountable for most. It is simply impossible to fulfill them completely. It makes people live in constant anxiety and fear, makes them feel vulnerable and inferior. It is in such a society that you and I are forced to exist. Substitutions and manipulations are all around! This is the essence of the consumerist society. In it, everything is arranged in such a way because it is directed against a human. This is a fact. Can such a society exist for long? Does it have a future? Obviously not.

Yet, any tool can be used either for the harm or for the good, it can be used to destroy or to build. Therefore, politics can and should become our tool for designing the right and truly fair, viable, life-affirming legislation for building the Creative Society.

Today we still live guided by the Roman law, which has long become obsolete. Laws need to be created that will guarantee the fulfillment of the interests of every human. Their basis will be the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society. Politics should become a tool for international communication and unification in practice; it should promote friendship between peoples, and not be a tool of pressure and aggression, as it is today. It can and should be used not for further separation, but, on the contrary, for the speedy unification of the entire human family.

If we continue moving at the same pace as we do now, without using politics as a tool, the process of building the Creative Society will drag on for many years. Let's be rational, does humanity have this time? In order to accelerate the process of transition of humankind from the consumerist format to the Creative Society, we can and should use politics as the most effective tool already now.

We are all citizens of our countries. We go to the polls and vote for different candidates, and then we are upset because they make our lives worse and strengthen the consumerist format. They adopt laws that work against us as One United Human Family, and not in our interests. As a result, the conditions of our existence are constantly getting worse. That is, when they come to power, these people protect someone else's interests, not the interests of a Human and of One United Human Family. How can one vote for a politician at all if he is against a Human and his rights? How can one vote for him if he is prone to lies and deceit?

In order to change this situation, we need to vote for those politicians who will implement and legislatively integrate the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society! It would be even better, simpler, and more appropriate to create a single world party named the Creative Society, which in every country of the world will implement 8 Foundations of the Creative Society. Thus, by using our rights, which we have delegated to them, it will immediately begin to return our benefits to us and work to unite all humanity as soon as possible into One United Family – the Creative Society. And only after all the countries of the world are ready for the transition from a consumerist to a creative format, will we be able to hold a world referendum that will return us, all the inhabitants of the Earth, legislatively to One United Human Family - the Creative Society.

We can do this only by peaceful means. As the esteemed Igor Mikhailovich said, “Humanity doesn’t need revolutions — humanity needs an Evolution..

Participant of ALLATRA IPM


Creative Society

Creative Society Unites Everyone

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May 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Absolutely agree with this initiative, if humanity unites we will sort all out problems in a heart beat. I'm in, what about you???

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