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Creative Society Unites Everyone

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

At this difficult time of total people's disunity, global crises (from economic to climate), people unite on the basis of the Creative Society in order not only to survive together, but also to give a wonderful future to all humankind.

What is unification, and what does it start with? Why is it beneficial for everyone to unite on the basis of the Creative Society? What are the prospects of such unification and concrete stage-by-stage steps of its implementation in the current situation? What is the difference between the Creative Society and a consumerist society? Why has the consumerist system outlived its usefulness? What are people's benefits in building the Creative Society? What are the stages of building the Creative Society? What is the electoral platform? Why is it important for people to invest attention in one goal, and what is the metaphysical secret of this process? Why is building the Creative Society beneficial for everyone, ranging from peoples to those in power? Why should the Creative Society be built within one generation? Igor Mikhailovich Danilov gives answers to these and many other questions.

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