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Najah Bazzy | Everyone Can Change the World for the Better!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Najah Bazzy is the founder and CEO of Zaman International. In this interview, she will talk about the refugee crisis, which has become too much for each of us. It is extremely important to realize our personal responsibility – to understand that tomorrow we ourselves may become part of this crisis. We should not simply ignore this problem, dismiss and say it does not exist.

Watch in this video:

📍 Is there a way out of the refugee crisis? And what is necessary for its solution?

📍 Support for refugees

📍 How can we end the poverty of women and children who live in extreme poverty in the future?

📍 What role does the media play in the refugee situation?

📍 How does Najah Bazzy see the ideal world?

"I think my message to the world is that if everyone does just a little bit like droplets in the ocean, the ocean is massive because there are droplets in this ocean. That little bit, each person doing their share, being responsible for themselves, for their families, for the other, and making sure that in many ways, you know, there's this beautiful saying that thy neighbor before thyself," says Najah Bazzy.

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