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It's Inevitable | Scientific Report Has Opened the Eyes of the World to the Truth About Climate

❗️Facts and statistics that are not published in the media

❗️The results of 26 years of research

❗️The joint efforts of hundreds of scientists and thousands of volunteers This all is about the scientific report revealing the real causes of the current climate change. It was presented on November 12, 2022, at the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity".

From the report you will learn:

🔹 Why are glaciers melting, the ocean boiling and the Gulf Stream stopping?

🔹 Who benefits from falsifying earthquake data?

🔹 What happened in 1995?

🔹 What processes are going on in the Earth's interior and on other planets?

🔹 How much time does humanity have?

🔹 What will happen to the climate next and how can we solve this problem?

📢 Watch the forum and share this information with everyone!

➡️ International Online Forum "Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity" with simultaneous interpreting into 150 languages:

➡️ "Global Crisis. USA | International Online Conference, September 24, 2022": ➡️ Video "Climate Cerberus":

💠 Official website of the Creative Society International Project:

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