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Creative Society is a Сhance for Humanity to Survive

💬 "It is not just a forum, friends, it's more than that… Today is a really significant day. Why? Because today's event lays the foundation for our future, our common future." With these inspiring words, the esteemed Igor Mikhailovich Danilov began his speech at the International Forum "Global Crisis. We Are People. We Want to Live". On May 7, he and Zhanna became honorary speakers at this historic event, thus providing great support to the audience, participants and organizers of the forum.

Zhanna addressed each of us and pointed out that it is important for people to consolidate and demonstrate their best human qualities right now: “Remember that every day of inaction in the consumerist format entails missed opportunities and lost human lives. Whereas every day of active informing about the Creative Society is a chance for saving people’s lives and survival of the entire humanity.”

❗ It is precisely now that the destiny of humanity is being determined! And we should do everything we can to achieve the goal of all people -- to preserve this planet and to preserve each other’s lives.

🌐 Watch the broadcast of the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. We Are People. We Want to Live'' and share the link with your friends. Simultaneously interpreted into 100 languages:

🌐 Online conference "Global Crisis. Time for the Truth” with a selection of languages for viewing:

🌍 Official website of the international project Creative Society:

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