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The Last War | Sirens Will Not Warn

The last war against all humanity is underway! But the siren will not warn you of the impending danger. The enemy is fighting us not with missiles, bombs or bullets.

And today there is nothing we can oppose it.

How will you protect your child from such a powerful enemy when it comes to your home?

It's time for the world to unite and oppose a united front against our common enemy before it destroys our entire planet!

On May 7, 2022, at 15:00 GMT, join an unprecedented event, the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live" organized by people themselves.

Learn more about the event:

🌍 Follow the link to watch the conference "Global Crisis. Time for the Truth” in 100 languages:

🌍 Official website of the international project "Creative Society":

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