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Climate Disasters In The History Of The Earth. What Are They Hiding From Us? Will Humanity Survive?

What do we know about cosmic cycles in the history of the Earth? How are the oldest megalithic buildings connected with the cosmic cycles of climate change?

What is happening on the planet during this period and what did the ancients warn us about?

During what cycle we live and what scientists say about it. We all, as Humanity, face a choice.

The cycle of 12,000 years and Humanity's choice of the creative way of development. The Times of Crossroads, what is it?

In ancient times, people knew about the cyclical nature of climate change that occurs every 12 thousand years.

How was this reflected in the ancient traditions of the peoples of the world? How widely do the circles from the Flood diverge in mythological memory? More than 500 legends of different peoples of the world.

Legends and myth of the Chevong tribe, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, China, Hopi Indians, Maya, Buddhists, aborigines of Sarawak and Sabah, Dakota Indians, Inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego, Viracoche Indians, South America - a global catastrophe that almost completely destroyed humanity.

❓ How did traces of marine sediments appear in the Andes at an altitude of 4200 meters? The mystery of the ruins of Tiwanaku.

❓ What do the Vedas say about cycles? Four cycles of time: Satya-yuga, Treta-yuga, Dvapara-yuga, Kali Yuga.

Archaeological finds as confirmation of cycles. The scale of change - the planet changes its appearance, flooding some continents and raising others.

Calendars of the peoples of the world. From what events does the chronology originate? The coincidence of the starting points of different calendar systems. The ancient Egyptian, Ancient Assyrian, Ancient Indian calendar and the ancient Mayan calendar - what is the starting point for the beginning of the calendars of all peoples? Flooding of a large island or archipelago in the North Atlantic - geological traces. The myth of the "world flood", Atlantis. How quickly did it all happen? What does the Shanidar Cave keep in Iraq?

Water erosion of the Sphinx and Giza monuments. Did the Sphinx survive the flood? The French mathematician and symbolist Schwaller de Lubitsch on the archaeological consequences of climate conditions and floods that last occurred in Egypt for more than 12,000 years.

Why did animals die out intensively between 11,000 and 9,000 BC?

An American scientist, known as the author of the theory of the catastrophic poles shift of the Earth, Charles Hapgood, about the ice age. The displacement of the poles. How many thousands of kilometers has the continent of Antarctica moved?

Research by journalist and writer Graham Hancock.

Evidence of the excursion of the magnetic poles. What is the danger of this phenomenon?

Excursions with a strong pole deviation - Gothenburg and Mono Lake, when did they occur?

Scientific article "The manifestation of the GEOMAGNETIC FIELD EXCURSION Gothenburg IN the bottom sediments of the BARENTS SEA” and the reasons for the excursions.

What do scientists say about Cyclicity?

Academician Nikolai Vasilyevich Petrov on cyclicity. Why is the calendar of the Zodiac year lasting 25920 years important?

What environmental changes occur along the path of the Solar System, and how do they affect changes in the climate and conditions of the social life of people on the planet? The magnetic field of the Galaxy as an important factor for the climate of the planet.

The energetic breathing of the planet and the flare activity of the Sun. Changes in the complex of the Earth's orbital parameters and external influences.The latest astrophysical research.

The complex of cosmophysical loads and its impact on the planet. Igor Petrovich Kopylov - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor on the cyclicity of 13 thousand years. Large and small Galactic cycles.

Knowing the past, we can change the future!

What can each person do today, understanding the increase in climate disasters in the era of Cyclical Climate change? Friendship, love, and the unification of people will help to survive this period, the period of Global Climate Change. Together people can do everything!

The need to unite all people in the world as soon as possible to build a Creative Society! Let's bring peace back to Earth, a world that everyone would like to live in!

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