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Where Are the True Scientists?

Science improves our life, making it comfortable and convenient. But what has science done to combat climate, to predict deadly earthquakes and volcanic eruptions?

What is the fight against climate now? Why does it bring serious economic hardship to farmers and producers? 'Sugar volcanologists’: what benefits do they bring to society? Why have scientists turned against the volunteers of the Creative Society project who tell the truth about climate?

Volunteers and scientists of the Creative Society project have been studying the climate for decades without funding or grants. And they know far more than official scientists. Where do these people get their enthusiasm from?

Participants of the Creative Society project see the world without illusions and rose-colored glasses, and most importantly, they know that there is a way out. And this unites and rallies in the struggle for life and the planet.

Watch the full version of "BLACK SPOT OF THE CERBERUS", a fragment of which is presented in this video.


▶️ Watch the full Forum "Global Crisis. There is a Way Out" in 150 languages: "Global Crisis. Our Survival Is in Unity" | International Online Forum of November 12, 2022:

Interviews with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov about the Creative Society:

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