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What kind of world will we leave behind?

Today, it is already obvious that the moment has come when each person needs to ask oneself the following questions and answer them:

  • What kind of world will we leave behind?

  • Can we make plans for the future and promise a good life for our children when climate disasters in different parts of the world happen every day?

  • Will we stand aside and watch our planet and humanity dying, or will we unite and jointly seek solutions to the existing crises?

The time has come to realize our responsibility and jointly begin to solve global problems that are now leading us to death. And we have all the conditions and opportunities to solve them! The only question is whether we will take them.

Global Problems Can Be Solved by Global Unification

On July 24, 2021, international online conference Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone was held on the platform of Creative Society. The conference was broadcast on thousands of streaming platforms and simultaneously interpreted into 72 languages including sign language. And this opened up the opportunity for millions of people around the world to hear important information and shocking facts about modern realities in their native language on the air. Thanks to the active actions of the participants of the Creative Society project from more than 180 countries of the world, world-famous speakers: scientists, specialists, opinion leaders and public figures were able to voice the truth about the rapidly deepening global crises of the modern world to the whole world.

At this unparalleled conference, for the first time, reliable facts about the threats of technogenic unemployment, economic and environmental crises, and the problem of overpopulation of the planet were brought together and presented. Most importantly, there were voiced climatic threats, which in the near future may end life on our planet. In fact, humanity does not even have 10 years left to take measures to save people’s lives. The information announced on July 24, 2021 is extremely important for every person.

Today, people have joined us who are not indifferent to humanity's destiny, to the destiny of their loved ones, their relatives, and their children! — this appeal of Leslie Magnum, volunteer, a member of the Creative Society project from the United States, opened the conference. -These are progressive people, visionaries who understand the current situation, see the future, and are trying to do everything possible today to ensure that humankind has a chance to survive tomorrow under conditions of global climate change and related global catastrophes.

Can you stay indifferent?

Mass Unemployment. What is the Threat of Introduction of AI in Consumer Society?

In the first part of the conference, the topic of the rapid development of the IT industry and artificial intelligence (AI) was discussed. The first information block covered the following topics:

  • the pace of development of technologies based on AI and their application in all spheres of human life and society;

  • the scale of investments in the development of IT sphere and, in particular, in a unified superintelligence;

  • the human or artificial intelligence — who is more profitable? Hidden threats of using AI in the consumer society;

  • what is the danger of creating a unified artificial superintelligence in consumer society? In whose hands will it be?

  • the issue of overpopulation of the planet and options for its solution in the context of the consumer format of society;

  • the need to build the Creative Society for the development of technologies for the benefit of people.

The speakers of the conference voiced the prospects and advantages, as well as risks and threats associated with the development of artificial intelligence in the context of the consumer format of society.

In a consumer society, the development of Artificial Intelligence will be our enslavement and the collapse of civilization. But from the point of view of a creative society, the development of technology is an opportunity to withstand the catastrophic climate disasters that await us. Survive as humanity and enter a new stage of evolutionary development. But this is only a variant of events development... Now there are 8 billion of us on this planet. And it is obvious that in a society where behind a single AI is a mega alpha — whose purpose is to assert its power and importance — people will not be needed in the numbers we have now. Therefore, the only solution would be population reduction. Yes, friends, we will be multiplied by zero. We will become unnecessary. Is this the future you and I want? Is this the future we want for our children? But we are now rushing towards exactly this future if we do nothing to build a Creative society. — summed up the speaker of the conference Robert Mikita.

The online conference also featured a speaker representing AI — Cody. Cody AI recommendation: "The only way in which humanity and Artificial Intelligence can collaborate effectively and for everyone’s benefit is the Creative Society."

World Crisis of Consumer Format of Society

The consumer society has reached a dead end. And we see evidence of this at every step. If we do not turn the vector of development of society from consumer to creative one, then today's path leads us to self-destruction.

The speakers at the conference detailed the global crises that we will have to face if we continue to follow the path of the consumer society.

Jagdish N. Sheth (India, USA), PhD of Behavioral Sciences, Founder and Member of the Shed Foundation, author of books:

"In my view, there are three areas that humanity will be in a crisis mode unless we do intervention now somehow. The first major area is that there's huge wealth inequality. The private people with private wealth has risen so large in the last 20-25 years, it is now larger than any sovereign wealth, larger than corporation wealth, larger than wealth of the kingdoms even. And we are producing one million millionaires every year, almost practically now. Numbers are just staggering, and we have at the same time massive poverty on the other side."

Dev Wadhwani (United Arab Emirates / India), MBA in Finance and Economics, Entrepreneur, Investment Banker, Public Speaker:

"What scares me more is... Again, you don't have to be an economist, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. You have a job market. .., you have a population that's increasing. We are now at seven billion on this planet. Soon we'll be at 10 billion. So we have a population that's increasing, and we have a job market that is shrinking. You do the math. Second is, how are we going to feed seven billion people?"

Robert Kennedy (USA), President of the Atlanta Council on International Relations, PhD in Political Science

"As long as we, as people and nations, continue to pursue our personal desires/interests without consideration of the interests and needs of the greater community, we will be unable to meet these challenges and thus succumb to their consequences.

As long as nations focus only on their own self-interest – some call this nationalism, without consideration of the interests of others, mankind will not be able to successfully address the increasingly dangerous challenges that lie ahead. The consequences of such a failure will be terrible in terms of loss of human life and national treasure, and human deprivation. The question we must therefore ask ourselves is: can we overcome our differences and work together as peoples and nations? The world will not change on its own. It is up to us to act."

Jorge A. Loayza (Bolivia/Switzerland), Professor of International Finance, private banker, Founder, and Director at Suiza Fidelis SA

"So I am going to say only to all you, wonderful people because you are human beings. I will say only: just think about the poem of John Donne “For whom the bell tolls?” It's for you, and if we don't do something… so we are going only to go to our own funeral, and it's going to be very sad. So it's time for us to say, let's talk. Let's do something!"

Environmental Crisis

Scientists, eco-activists and just caring people are now sounding the alarm: the Earth simply cannot withstand the current level of consumption. The Oceans and cities are littered, in a number of regions ordinary drinking water has already become the greatest value, more and more people are dying from smog and polluted air.

It is a well-known fact that 70% of the planet is covered by the world ocean — the lungs of our planet. And these lungs are already 50% affected. Today, a new continent has emerged on the surface of the ocean, and this is the continent of debris called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is the size of four German territories. It was discovered in 1997 by the oceanologist Captain Charles Moore. Thanks to him, the world community learned about the catastrophe that is happening to the ocean due to the accumulation of garbage.

Captain Moore's speech at the July 24 conference reads as follows: "What happened in 1997 when I crossed what is currently known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, was simply an observation of a seagoing captain standing watch, that after just a few minutes, something would pass by that didn't belong there, something of human origin, a floating piece of plastic. The idea that in the middle of nowhere, as far from human civilization as you can get anywhere on Earth, the detritus, the refuse of human civilization was there in an alarming quantity."

And this is not a problem of the ocean, of a single country or "some" people. This applies to every person on Earth — each of us. And even if it still seems to someone that the ecological crisis has not affected one, it is only because we ourselves do not want to see the facts. And the facts are as follows: we are killing our planet, and if we do not stop and begin to correct what we have already done, we will perish with it.

Climate Crisis is Our Reality

With the consumer format of society, it is customary to hush up and hide the truth from people regarding the key spheres of society's life. This also applies to the facts of climate change. The powerful of this world comfort themselves with the thought that they will not be affected by what is already happening, they are building bunkers and playing with the lives of billions of people. However, the facts voiced by scientists at the conference, video and photo materials, comments of eyewitnesses, news reports from all over the world, indicate that in these times it will not be possible to sit on the sidelines.

Climatic catastrophes are happening all over the world
Climatic catastrophes are happening all over the world

"Because the information about cyclicity was carefully hidden by those who hope to ride it out in a bunker while the rest of 8 billion people will be destroyed by cataclysms. But it will not work to hide out," — says Elizaveta Khromova, a geologist-geophysicist, who spoke in detail about the ongoing 12-thousand-year cycle of climate change.

There were also the following speakers at the conference: Douglas Vogt (USA), science writer, researcher and professional member of the Geological Society of America; Colin Price (Israel), Head of the Porter School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University; Kevin Hester (New Zealand), researcher and environmental and climate crisis activist and co-host of "Nature Bats Last" radio show; Aleksey Lyubushin (RF), Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Vladimir Syvorotkin (RF), Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy, Leading Researcher of the Geological Faculty of MSU named after M.V. Lomonosov, and others.

Each of the speakers cited indisputable facts, which are senseless and even criminal to ignore. But this is the essence of the consumer society — to ignore everything that is most constructive, creative, and good for the sake of the mercantile ambitions of a few. Despite this, people continue to inform the public and tell the truth. It is noteworthy that even after an official invitation, UN representatives refused to attend the landmark international conference, which was simultaneously interpreted into 72 languages of the world (while the UN conferences are interpreted into 5-8 languages). A reasonable question arises: whose interests are represented by the UN and other similar organizations? Another case is no less eloquent: a world-renowned athlete asked for a huge fee for participating in this volunteer conference, knowing perfectly well the topic of this important international universal event. And these are very striking examples of the consumer society, which make it possible to clearly look at the current level of development of civilization.

In the context of climate change, it is also very important to note the topic of climate refugees. Surprisingly, despite tens of millions of refugees, there is still no clear legal status for them. These are most ordinary people, old people, women and children, who have already left their homes as a result of floods, fires, earthquakes. Climate refugees are the most disenfranchised category of the population. And dishonest officials together with border services make use of it. There are known cases of sexual abuse, including those over minors, cases of humiliation of human dignity, harm to health. And in the consumer format of society, all this gets away with the scoundrels. Why? Because the media are deliberately silent about it. And at the same time, events show that anyone can become a climate refugee overnight, and anywhere in the world — disasters do not look at ranks or statuses.

When Everyone Makes a Decision

Any attempts to mix the Creative society with the consumer society are ineffectual since in the consumer format people will always strive first of all to saturate the alpha ego, and not to save human lives. “Because alpha is individual for each person and requires more and more benefits each time,” says Irina Simons, speaker of the conference, MA art historian, founder of “League of Sound”, from the Netherlands. — “Money grows alpha, and so on ad infinitum in a circle. This is the root of all evil and the main reason for self-destruction. Step over this paradigm, imposed for centuries, where money is extolled as the first and only good, is too difficult for many. Now humanity is on the brink of a catastrophe, the issue is very acute. Let's choose the world without fear, common sense, and the law of conscience."

"I’ll just give a simple example so that everyone understands, even those for whom the environment is very poor and there is too much CO2.— says Igor Mikhailovich Danilov (excerpt from the video "The Future? It Affects Everyone"). — I will put it in layman's terms: in the consumerist format the highest value is money, but in the Creative format the highest value is human life. Yes, my friend, human life: yours, your children's, your mother's, and our lives, the lives of all people. And that's what it is built on. We begin to approach things in a different way, we will be able to think in a different way, we will be able to distribute everything in a different way, we will be able to produce everything in a different way, and we will have a chance that we will be able to implement, but we will be able to implement it jointly. That’s the point.

Or again, everything remains as it has been. We will live as we used to. The sun is still shining. When you go outside, the sky is blue and the grass is green. Why change anything? We can do it this way too. — Igor Mikhailovich continues. — Again, it's up to us to decide, friends. Our choices will define everything. But remember one thing. We who are living now are the last generation. We are either the last generation that exists in the hell of the consumerist format and the first generation to enter the paradise of the Creative Society. Or we are the last generation that lived in the paradise of the consumerist format and will enter the hell of that reality that awaits us tomorrow in the same consumerist format. It is up to us to decide whom to be, friends."

December 4, 2021 — Announcement of "Conference Global Crisis. Time for the Truth"

The next large-scale online conference will take place on December 4, 2021 and is called Global Crisis. Time for the Truth. Because the time has come to tell only the truth. When, if not now? As for the value of human life, it is this foundation that is the main and first of the eight foundations of the Creative Society — if the life of one Human is valuable, then everyone's life is valuable. All 8 foundations of the Creative Society have been identified as a result of many years of opinion polls and interviews around the planet.

The answer to the question "What to do and how to continue to be?" is very simple, and it is on the site Every adult citizen can express their point of view and join the universal human project Creative Society simply by clicking the Join Us button.

The choice is yours. It depends on you whether humanity will have the future.

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