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What I Will Get in the Creative Society

Updated: May 2, 2023

After the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out", people continue discussing the announced technologies of the future, which will allow us not only to survive the time of global disasters but also to bring our life to a completely new level.

At today’s international discussion, we are pleased to welcome our guests, from whom we will learn what impressed them most while watching the Forum.

🎤 Sigurður Ólason — Chef in private school (Norway)

🎤 Casey Takayama (Japan / USA, Hawaii)

Both of our guests live in volcanically active areas, so it will be interesting to hear their opinions on whether people should be informed about upcoming climate events. We will also discuss what everyone will get in the Creative Society and how important it is to share information about it.

Dear friends, now it is very important to keep on the wave of informing and to spread the Forum among your friends and acquaintances, and in all social networks. Share the link to the event. Together, let's make people aware of the incredible perspectives and opportunities that the implementation of the Creative Society opens up for us.

Now the future of humanity is in the hands of each and every one of us!

🌍 International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out" with simultaneous interpreting into 150 languages:

➡️ 8 Pillars of the Creative Society:

➡️ Video “Climate Cerberus”:

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