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What Everyone Is Silent About

What catastrophic situation has human society found itself in? Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and scale. The climate continues to change, while more and more money is demanded from people. The global crisis of the entire humanity is intensifying. Who makes us poor and destitute? Who will compensate people for their losses? What has happened to the human world? Why are children being forced to be tolerant towards pedophiles, while among adults cannibalism is being promoted? Why are we forced, like idiots, to be at enmity with one another and to rejoice when someone is suffering and dying somewhere? What is the chance of survival of the entire humanity? We will all be in the same cauldron if we do nothing and keep silent, friends.

When the dead begin to rule the alive, the world is doomed. GIVE THE WORLD BACK TO THE ALIVE! If you don't do what you should do today (while everyone feels what they should do, everyone feels what they owe to the Spiritual World, to God and to the entire humanity); if you don't do that, if you do not fulfill your true human duty, forget about having a future, first of all, about your own future, and then already about that of your family.

Creative Society is the most peaceful and most appropriate project in the entire history of humankind. Only in the Creative Society can we cope with climate threats and the crisis of the entire humanity. The best investment in your future is an investment in the Creative Society! Every active volunteer of the Creative Society, those who are implementing the hardest and most difficult part - that of informing all people, deserve to receive a peace prize from the Creative Society. Every participant of the Creative Society deserves to be recognized and remembered in the future by grateful descendants!

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