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Tropical Cyclone Ilsa → Western Australia. Floods News. Saudi Arabia Hail. Snowfall → Kazakhstan

Updated: May 1, 2023

Our habitual lives are under threat. Climate change is gaining momentum, manifesting itself in ever larger and more abnormal cataclysms. "Luckily we survived, we hid in a house by the road, but the roof began to collapse and we had to flee...," says an eyewitness from Australia APRIL 13-16, 2023 🌀 WEST AUSTRALIA: Residents along Australia's west coast braced for the worst tropical cyclone Ilsa in a decade. It made landfall, setting a record for sustained wind speeds of 218 kilometers per hour, with gusts reaching 260 kilometers per hour. Fortunately, the cyclone bypassed most major settlements. But those settlements which have met on its way, have been thoroughly destroyed. Accounts of eyewitnesses and details of events look in our new report. APRIL 13-17, 2023 💦 INDIA: Extended thunderstorms with rain and hail raged in the state of Maharashtra. The southern and western parts of the city of PUNA were most affected. Excessive rainfall was reported, which was more than 200% higher than last year. MID-APRIL 2023 💠 SAUDI ARABIA: Severe hail storms and subsequent flooding once again affected many provinces in Saudi Arabia. High hail drifts blanketed city streets and paralyzed traffic. Severe flooding has destroyed roads near the city of Afif. Shockingly, the arid desert is increasingly turning into violent torrents of water that easily sweep away anything in their path. APRIL 15-17, 2023 ❄️ KAZAKHSTAN: Heavy snowfall since April 15 has forced residents to find alternative ways to travel. The city of Astana, the nation's capital, received three days and a half of a month's worth of precipitation. Bad weather caused more than 140 traffic accidents a day in Astana. FIRST HALF OF APRIL 2023 🌊 BELARUS: Residents of almost all regions of Belarus have felt the consequences of the spring flood. At some river sections the water level exceeded a critical mark. Most actively the elements raged in the Gomel region because of the Sozh river overflow. In some places, the streets were so flooded that people had to travel by boat. APRIL 10, 2023 🌊 UKRAINE: Due to flooding on the Desna River in the CHERNIGOVSKAYA OBLAST, traffic was blocked on state road R-65, as well as roads of local importance. The functioning of the ferry crossing has been suspended. The climate is ruining people's lives every day, and the approaches to rescue, despite the development of technology, have not changed for years. But now there are technologies that can provide effective aid in emergencies. But they are not being introduced everywhere, because in today's consumer society, money is in the first place. ❓ But how can we talk about any profit when the question is about saving a person's life? It is only possible to confront such a global threat together. On April 22, 2023, the entire world will unite in an online forum entitled "The Global Crisis. There is a way out." Tell everyone about this event. OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON YOU! Time Is Running Out. The Greatest Event in History will take place on April 22, 2023, @15:00 GMT at the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out" 🌐 👉 Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity | International Online Forum November 12, 2022 Creative Society or the Cerberus Subscribe to your Telegram Channel and stay up to date with current events: 📧 E-mail:

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