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The World Is Coming Together. Hurry Up and Join In!

🌟 World unification of peoples has already begun! For the first time in 6,000 years, representatives of all races and nationalities will meet live to voice the truth and make a life-changing choice. ❓ To live in a prosperous world of equal opportunities and incredible technologies, or die from furious disasters. If you choose life, on April 22, 2023, join the live broadcast of the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out" with simultaneous interpretation into 150 languages. 📢 Tell everyone you know about this event! Become the one who will change the world! ▶️ "Time is Running Out. Join the Greatest Event in History": ▶️ International Online Forum “Global Crises. Our Survival Is in Unity” with language selection: ▶️ "It's Inevitable | Scientific Report Has Opened the Eyes of the World to the Truth About Climate": ▶️ "Benefits for a Human in the Creative Society": ✅ Please follow the link and subscribe to our channel on Rumble the video hosting platform:

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