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The DANGER of a Growing Climate Crisis: Cyclone Mocha. Humanitarian Crisis in Myanmar & Bangladesh

Tropical cyclone Mocha was the second strongest cyclone ashore in the northern Indian Ocean in the history of observations in the region. Prior to landfall, it was assigned the highest category 5.

For more details, see our new report.

MAY 14, 2023.

🌀 MYANMAR: Catastrophic Cyclone Mocha, with wind speeds of more than 200 km/h, struck the coast of Myanmar.

The storm destroyed houses, downed trees and cell phone towers, snapped power lines, but saddest of all, it took lives and injured hundreds more. Fleeing the flooding, residents climbed to upper floors and roofs of buildings, where many had to spend all night waiting to be rescued.

MAY 14, 2023.

🌀 BANGLADESH: Cyclone Mocha also passed through neighboring Bangladesh, leaving behind floods and landslides. About 750,000 people were evacuated here on the eve of its arrival.

Cyclones are common at this time of year in the region. However, they are seldom as strong as Mocha. According to experts, the intensification of cyclones is influenced by climate change and the associated increase in ocean temperatures.

But what is really happening to the ocean? Why is its temperature rising, and natural phenomena are becoming more and more catastrophic?

This was revealed in the forum "Global Crisis. There is a way out" on April 22, 2023. Hurry to learn the truth about the future and the way out of the growing climate crisis!

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