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The Baden-Württemberg Disaster: Why Were Flood Protective Measures Non-Effective ?

Updated: May 17, 2023

MAY 7, 2023 🌀 GERMANY: A powerful storm with torrential downpours passed over parts of Baden-Württemberg. See our new report for details.

🌊 The river Eyach, which normally is about 30 centimeters deep, turned into a turbulent river and burst its banks. In the area of Zollernalb, streams of water carried garbage and mud with them, flooding the streets and many basements. The fire department had to relieve residents of the houses who were fleeing the incoming water on higher floors. Within just a few minutes, the sewage system was completely overflown with the enormous amount of water.

⚠️ For several months before what happened, residents of the now-affected areas had unsuccessfully been demanding better flood protection. And now people are wondering: could this event not have had such serious consequences if protective measures had still been taken?

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