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What a big tragedy we have faced in approximately 80 years. It is the biggest disaster that Afghanistan has witnessed. For example, an earthquake in Paktika and heavy rain all over in Afghanistan - it's really devastating and pouring. Really big disaster, I can say like… - The journalist from Afghanistan, Owais Khan, who witnessed the natural disasters in his home country, said. JUNE 22, 2022. ⚡️ AFGHANISTAN: A powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Paktika province in the east of the country. Authorities say at least 1,500 people lost their lives and 2,000 more were injured. 💦 And in AUGUST 2022 heavy rains pounded various regions of Afghanistan, triggering floods and mudslides. More than 250 people were injured as a result of this natural disaster. And all the people were also experiencing the same stages in many provinces. They were shocked, hopeless and in great grief, say, in needies, seeking help, searching for their loved one who was missing. So it was a very big tragedy. People were screaming, they were just, they were just needing help in a hoop. And [there were] those who lost everything, and it was just heart-wrenching. In many provinces, some villages are completely destroyed and underwater. In Paktika Province, there was a terrible destruct earthquake which caused 2,500 people killed and about 3,000 homes were destroyed. In Logar Province, a village was completely covered by flood, causing more than 25 people killed and more than 35 houses were destroyed and perished. We need to support each other, find solutions to the problems, stay connected with government's communities and organizations, share our ideas to each other, and help each other, and find a solution to find a way to the problem, and, say, just put an end to the problems. Yeah. I call on International organizations and Communities also to, please, accelerate their efforts. As human beings, and it's the right of all human beings, as we are, we are familiar with human rights that human rights are rights which is inherited to all human beings, whatever their religion, age, sex, ethnic, or origin color is -- they all are equally entitled to do it to their human rights. So we have to act upon it and cooperate with each other. Time Is Running Out. The Greatest Event in History took place on April 22, 2023. International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out" 🌐 👉 Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity | International Online Forum November 12, 2022 Creative Society or the Cerberus 📧 E-mail:

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