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Solar magnetic cause of climate change and origin of Ice Ages. Prof. Don Easterbrook

Dr. Easterbrook received BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in geology from the University of Washington and taught for 40 years at Western Washington University.

He has written a dozen books, 185 papers in professional journals, and has presented 30 research papers at international meetings in over 12 countries. In the past decade, he has published five books and 35 peer-reviewed papers in professional scientific journals.

Dr. Easterbrook's research activities related to climate change include causes of climate change, correlation of glacial fluctuations, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, climate, and solar variation, temp changes using oxygen isotope data from the Greenland ice core, the effect of CO2 on climate change, and geologic history of climate changes.

In this interview with emeritus professor Don Easterbrook we will find out:

🔹 How have temperatures changed in the past thousands of years?

🔸 Is there a correlation between CO2 and global warming?

🔹 What ice core data shows about CO2 levels in the past?

🔸 How far from the truth are computer models predicting temperatures?

🔹 What is the solar magnetism concept?

🔸 Why is cosmic radiation higher right now?

🔹 How to determine ancient cosmic ray activity by isotopes?

And much more!

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