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Self-Governance and the Future of Society: A Paradigm Shift

Today, the whole world is discussing the information voiced at the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out." Even people who have repeatedly heard about the coming climate apocalypse were shocked by the new facts voiced at the Forum. Many are already actively sharing this information on social networks and are trying to gain a deeper understanding of the problems of our society and planet.

Today's international discussion, devoted to the topics raised at the Forum, will be attended by:

🎤 Julia Dudley Najieb — Award-Winning News Publisher, Investigative Journalist, News Producer (USA)

🎤 LENNICE JABARI NAJIEB MUHAMMAD — Mathematics - Statistics & Probability Analyst & Marketing Executive (USA)

🎤 Marina Ovtsynova — Participant of the CREATIVE SOCIETY project (USA),

🎤 Shakoiatentha Rahstenwehserontha (Akwesasne)

🎤 Rarahkwisere Sohrihowane (Akwesasne)

🎤 Sir Frederick Lee McHenry Sr. — Grand master of the World's Masonic United Nations, Most Puissant Sovereign Grand commander, 33rd degree/99th (USA)

🎤 Conswella Hatfield — Grand master of The Phoenix Grand Lodge of Georgia (USA)

Dear friends, now it is very important to keep on the wave of informing and to spread the Forum among your friends and acquaintances, and in all social networks. Share the link to the event. Together, let's make people aware of the incredible perspectives and opportunities that the implementation of the Creative Society opens up for us.

Now the future of humanity is in the hands of each and every one of us!

🌍 International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out" with simultaneous interpreting into 150 languages:

➡️ 8 Pillars of the Creative Society:

➡️ Video "Climate Cerberus":

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