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PULSE OF EARTH: HailStorms & Rains. Latest News → USA, Oman, Russia, Türkiye, Ukraine. Eyewitnesses

Floods are now a frequent occurrence on the Arabian Peninsula. Are the harbingers of the Last Days coming true right before our eyes?

APRIL 2023 💦 SAUDI ARABIA: For more than three weeks, heavy rainfall has plagued one of the hottest and driest places on the planet, Saudi Arabia. Heavy hail and downpours again struck different regions of the country. In some places, drifts of hail were as high as one and a half meters. Streets of cities turned into rivers and deserts into lakes. The last week of April 2023 was abnormally full of hail storms and floods in various parts of the world. For a detailed review of some of the events, see our new report.

APRIL 22, 2023 🌪️ OMAN: A strong tornado accompanied by thunderstorms struck the vilayat of Jaalan Bani Bou Ali in ASH-SHARQIYAH REGION. This is a very rare phenomenon for this region.

APRIL 22–23, 2023 💦 ECUADOR: The rains continue to devastate Ecuador. Floods forced thousands of residents of the province of Guayas to remove their belongings and furniture and live outside as their homes have been flooded. ⚠️ Since the beginning of 2023, more than 1,500 natural disasters have occurred across the country. According to official data alone, they have claimed the lives of about 80 people. More than 14,000 homes have been damaged, A total of about 66,000 people have been affected.

APRIL 25–28, 2023 🌊 The situation is critical in OMAN. In some areas, heavy downpours have caused mudflows. Large hail has been recorded in some areas. The extreme weather caused people to leave their homes in a panic. Unfortunately, along with cars, streams of water have taken human lives. Several more people are still missing.

APRIL 27, 2023 💦 TÜRKIYE: Disasters continue in Türkiye as well. On April 27, heavy rains in the cities of ALANYA and ADANA partially flooded the streets with hail also falling.

APRIL 28, 2023 💠 RUSSIA: Residents of the KRASNODAR KRAI & STAVROPOL KRAI in southern Russia reported large hail on social networks. People were concerned about the condition of crops, as hail the size of walnuts caused significant damage to crops and seedlings.

APRIL 25–27, 2023 🌀 UNITED STATES: Severe storms hit parts of CENTRAL FLORIDA, bringing rain, wind, and hail to many counties.

💠 In Lake County, the amount of hail and the size of the hailstorms left residents in shock. The bad weather took people by surprise.

💠 They reported they had never seen anything like this. In Brevard County, a hail storm left large drifts behind. Large chunks of ice shattered the windows of homes and cars.

LATE APRIL 2023 🌀 SOUTHERN UNITED STATES: In the days that followed, the storms, accompanied by hail, tornadoes, and high winds, severely damaged not only Florida, but also neighboring states, as far away as Texas. Insurance claims increased as the storms caused extensive damage to vehicles and homes. Natural disasters directly affect the economies of individual countries as well as the global economy. Restoring destroyed infrastructure requires huge financial investments. And as the intensity and frequency of climate disasters increase, so will the economic damage. The current consumerist economy is not able to cope with the climate challenges that are already facing humanity today. You may ask, "Why?"

🌐 A detailed answer to this question was given at the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There is a way out" on April 22, 2023. With climate disasters on the rise, we need a different economic model that can provide a high standard of living for everyone and ensure their safety, as well as allow scientists to understand the true causes of climate change and find a solution to the problem.

📍 Everyone needs to hear this information now, because every day climate change is making us think more and more about the future. About your future! The future of all of humanity!

Time Is Running Out. The Greatest Event in History will tооk place on April 22, 2023,at the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out" 🌐 Subscribe to your Telegram Channel and stay up to date with current events: 📧 E-mail:

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