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Two young men were sitting on a bench in the park, talking about something.

“… So, you don't doubt anymore that the climate is changing, do you?”

“Okay, the climate is changing, no doubt about it. But it was pretty turbulent before, too. Why are we at risk to die now?”

“It's all about cyclicity. There are cosmic cycles that affect planets. And our planet is no exception. The full cycle lasts 24 thousand Earth years. In fact, we are experiencing the end of a full cycle right now. The half-cycle lasts 12 thousand years. In both cases, cataclysms are inevitable at the end of cycles, but at the end of 24 thousand years, cataclysms are more destructive and humanity has fewer chances.”


“I’ve recently watched a YouTube video called Climate Threats. Variants for Survival where Igor Mikhailovich Danilov explained this process very clearly. On ALLATRA TV, there is an excerpt about it.”

Climate threats variants for survival

“That’s interesting, of course. But why have I heard a lot about the anthropogenic factor and that the climate is changing because of it? Isn’t it people who have killed their planet?”

“Wait, you are confusing the environment and climate. These are different things. Yes, it's people who have killed the planet. But this concerns solely the environment: problems with water and air pollution, and the like. Through its activities, humankind has created an internal factor that additionally aggravates the situation. We can still fix it if we take care of the planet. But there is a global external factor that we cannot stop in the current consumerist format, and that is precisely cyclicity.”

Climate and Ecology

Global Climate Change on Earth

“How do you know that it is exactly the end of the cycle now? Where are the facts?”

“First of all, climate change. This rapid climate change, this synchronization of disasters across the world is the first evidence that it’s time to stop and think. Also, you should carefully study history. But not the one taught at school, not from textbooks, and definitely not from Wikipedia. Delve into scientific works yourself — and you will find evidence that something similar was happening 12 thousand years ago, 24 and 36 thousand years ago…

Edited by AllatRa Science

“Give me at least a hint.”

“Okay, I’ll make a selection of interesting links for you, where these facts are discussed in detail.”


The same evening, a notification came to the phone regarding new messages.

Several days passed since their meeting.

A phone call.

“Hello, I have questions. Let’s meet…”

“Hi! So I get it, we're screwed. The question is: if we cannot influence the external factor, do we just wait to die? That's kind of sad. What’s the point in thinking and talking about it then?”

“There is a point. There is a way for us to survive this period.”

“What way?”

“To build the Creative Society.”

“What is the Creative Society?”

“In short, it’s a society where the main thing is the value of human life. Absolutely every person is important. Such concepts as freedom, equality and safety of every person in the Creative Society will be implemented in practice, and not in theory as it is now. An important aspect of such a society is people’s self-governance, where power belongs to all people. It’s the unification of humanity without enmity and conflicts.”

“You’re telling me about some kind of a fairy tale. Ideal can never be reached. There were so many attempts, and nothing has worked.”

“But were there actually real attempts? Yes, there were various systems: slaveholding, feudal, capitalist, socialist, and communist. But all of them were based on laws of the consumerist format, on laws of power. For example, that very communism. When they were building communism, they preserved three things that are incompatible with healthy society: power, the consumerist format, and violence. In the Creative Society, all this will be eliminated. Conditions will be different.”

Conditions will be  different

“Okay, but give me some links where I can learn more about the Creative Society. And, by the way, how does this save us from cataclysms?”

“Type in your search engine. This is the official website of the Creative Society project. I'll send you more links tonight. If you read it in detail and objectively, you will no longer have a question about the connection between climate and the Creative Society.”

“Okay. Thank you. Before I leave, just tell me briefly, how can we, people, build this Creative Society?”

“There are three stages. We are only at the first stage, which is informing. First, humanity must learn about the Creative Society.”

“What exactly can I do?”

“It's simple. Tell a friend… each of eight billion friends who live with you in our common home — on one planet.”

“I got it… waiting for the links.”

The same evening, a notification came to the phone about a new message with the “links.”

Roberts Petersons, France

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