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Updated: May 2, 2023

"Have you ever thought that our future may never come? ...."

The renowned journalist Victor Beliy is going on a long-awaited holiday with his family. Unexpectedly, he receives a call from his boss, who asks him to investigate a project that is gaining popularity among people called "Creative Society" – who they are and where they come from, what they do, who funds them, and so on.

In the course of the investigation, Victor gets to know a mathematical model elaborated by the participants of the project. According to this model, if nothing is done, humanity and all life on Earth will come to an end very soon

▶️ "Global Crisis. There is a Way Out" | International Online Forum, April 22, 2023:

▶️ International Online Forum "Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity" in 150 languages:

▶️ "Benefits for a Human in the Creative Society":

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