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International Online Conference

December 4, 2021 15:00 GMT, live

100 languages of simultaneous interpreting

The international online conference “Global Crisis. Time for the Truth” is a large-scale event organized by volunteers from 180 countries on the platform of the Creative Society international project. It will be broadcast on thousands of media channels and platforms worldwide.

The purpose of the conference is to inform humankind honestly and truthfully about the scale of the climate and environmental crises, the impending threats, and the real way out.

Key topics of the conference:

  • What is the real climate situation on the planet?

  • Why is the world’s media silent about the scale of the threats?

  • Why does the climate continue to change rapidly despite international covenants and agreements whose officially stated goal is to curb climate change?

  • What is the real cause of global climate change?

  • From what risks and global threats is people’s attention been diverted?

  • What are the environmental consequences of reckless human consumerism?

  • Why only in the Creative Society is it possible to stabilize the ecological equilibrium of our planet?

  • Why is the Creative Society the only way out in the face of planetary cataclysms?

Earlier, on July 24, 2021, the international online conference “Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone” took place. It was organized by people themselves who are not indifferent to the fate of humanity. Volunteers from different countries provided simultaneous interpreting into 72 languages. This conference is the largest unification of people in the known history of humankind. The purpose of the conference is to conduct a complex and comprehensive analysis of the factors of the rapidly aggravating global crisis, as well as to alert the world community about the key problems of our time and the impending threats of the near future.

Since the time of the previous conference, we have been observing the accelerating progression of climate change. Today, the entire world faces disasters of greater severity than in the previous years, and they increased manifold. Note that there is a percentage of the population who continue to hope that cataclysms which occur across the planet will not affect them, or that they will be adequately protected from them. However, devastating floods and large-scale fires which happened this summer showed our human vulnerability to the raging elements and our unpreparedness to cope with a cataclysm. Despite the fact that 40 percent of the developed countries have effective hydrometeorological services and warning systems, during an emergency it didn’t work out properly. People had to deal with disaster on their own.

Climate change is occurring at an unprecedented rate. The planet is experiencing increasingly dangerous meteorological, hydrological, and climatic phenomena. Extreme heat waves alternate with hurricanes and downpours of devastating force. A record number of hurricanes occur even during supposedly calm periods or in areas totally atypical of them. The death toll from cataclysms increases every day. Millions of survivors become climate refugees.

Another global problem of our time is the environmental crisis. Every year we lose tens of millions of hectares of forest. The ecosystem of water bodies and the entire world ocean is on the brink of disaster. The amount of fresh water is depleted and limited. Garbage accumulation on the planet is observed on a catastrophic scale. Human reckless activity has intoxicated the planet and destroyed most of its vital resources.

Irreversible changes to the planet are recorded daily. The progression of climate change in recent months is clear evidence of that. Why is the truth about the real state of our planet being silenced? Why is the truth about the real cause of climate change being silenced? Do we look at the root of the escalating problems? Do we see the real causes of what is happening? These and other important questions will be addressed at the conference “Global Crisis. Time for the Truth”.

Public figures, researchers, scientists, and experts from various fields will participate in the conference and share their views on the cause of the growing climatic and ecological crises.

We aim to inform humanity about the real problems in order to stop the impending disaster together. Neither borders nor walls can stop climate change or help to save the population. Only by building the Creative Society can a planetary-scale disaster be prevented. The Creative Society is our only chance to survive. Everyone must hear the alarm bell of the imminent threat to humanity. Everyone must see the irrefutable facts and evidence of impending disasters. It is time for the Truth!

At this conference, we welcome every person who is not indifferent to his fate, to the fate of his children, his loved ones, and to the fate of all humankind! There is nothing more important today than information on how our humanity can survive, and how to save our planet. We should not be afraid of the filth; we need to expose it. The truth purifies. The truth unites! The truth gives a chance for life!

Join the online conference GLOBAL CRISIS. TIME FOR THE TRUTH” on December 4. Now it’s up to everyone how quickly people will find out the Truth and unite. The future of humanity is in your hands!

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