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Human Life is the Highest Value: the First Pillar of the Creative Society

Updated: May 1, 2023

How will the life of each of us and society on the whole change when human life becomes the main value as the first Pillar of the Creative Society states? Is it right that in the modern world, the interests of society and the state predominate over the interests of an individual? Why is the order in which we live basically slave-holding? Who has imposed on us a belief that wars are natural to people, and why? Is it possible to get rid of wars and transition to a peaceful way of life where every person and his life is valuable? Answers to these questions are given by Igor Mikhailovich Danilov in an exclusive interview. Full version of the interview "Creative Society": Other videos with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov: ✅ Please follow the link and subscribe to our channel on Rumble the video hosting platform: Information about the Creative Society project and how to become its participant: ▶️ Join the team of volunteers of the Creative Society Project:

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