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How Can Humanity Survive in the Time of Climate Crisis?

Updated: May 1, 2023

As of today, if all people unite, they will not be able to stop the upcoming climate cataclysms, but they will be able to do the most important thing — to survive. Can people unite in the consumerist format of society that predominates today? What will this kind of unification lead to? What are some people, united in small groups and armed, preparing for now? Are they preparing to save humanity? What does it mean that climate change has reached the second level? Are scientific forecasts that in 50 years 3.5 billion people will become climate refugees truthful? Are we as a society ready for such a number of climate refugees? What does the phrase "the living will envy the dead" mean? Will gold and money have value during cataclysms? What will be more valuable in this period of time: a bottle of fresh water or gold and diamonds? Is it possible to cope with cataclysms, if society starts building a new format of interaction — a Creative Society? What are the basis and the main value in the Creative Society? What does the first pillar of the Creative Society say? How does the Creative Society differ from communism? Why did the good ideas proclaimed in the communist society fail? Can there be power and authority in the Creative Society? Why has the idea of a new Creative Society started spreading so fast around the world nowadays? Do modern politicians support this idea? What can people do to make politicians start promoting and actively supporting the Creative Society idea? Why can we all survive and preserve civilization in the Creative Society? What are certain conditions under which people’s unification on creative terms will be able to mitigate the strike of the climate crisis? Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov: ▶️ "Life After Death. Fiction and Facts | International Online Conference, May 22, 2021": ▶️ "Global Crisis. There is a Way Out" | International Online Forum, April 22, 2023: ▶️ International Online Forum "Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity" in 150 languages: ✅ Please follow the link and subscribe to our channel on Rumble the video hosting platform:

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