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Housewife | Short Film

💬 “I am a housewife. It sounds like a death sentence…I have no personal life at all. It's like I'm a hamster running on a wheel without days off or a vacation. Why did I even go to college? I have no time for self-development or self-fulfillment. Someone might say, "What are you whining about? Your life is not so bad”. But the problem is, we are so used to it that we no longer see that we are slaves. Did God really create humans to be slaves?” 📽️ Right now watch the story of what our future may look like. The choice is ours! 🌏 International online forum "Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity" translated into 150 languages: 🌍 "Your Future in the Creative Society": 🌍 Creative Society International Project: 📩

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