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Hockey Unites. The First International Hockey Tournament Among Islamic Countries

In January 2023 Kazan hosted the first International Ice Hockey Tournament among Islamic countries. The Creative Society project team talked to Hassan Fisal Atef Abdelraouf, head of the Kazan International Institute for Cooperation with Africa and the Middle East, who organized the tournament. During the conversation, we discussed various interesting questions.

🔸 Where did the idea of hosting an International Ice Hockey Tournament among Islamic countries in Kazan come from?

🔸 Why was it hockey that was chosen?

🔸 How did the Arab world react to the proposal to organize the tournament?

🔸 What helps Muslims treat each other with respect during the competition?

🔸 What unites people from different countries within, regardless of their nationality, religion or residence?

🔸 About a Creative Society, where human life comes first and all conditions are created for people to live safely and happily.

Through sports, we can see that people from different countries and different nationalities can unite, evolve and communicate. Likewise, all humanity can unite to solve problems in society, to build a safe and happy new world.

🌍 The Creative Society project is supported by millions of people from over 180 countries and unites humanity in an effort to change the format of society from a consumerist to a Creative Society, and most importantly to avoid climate catastrophe.

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