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Global THREAT & Humanitarian CRISIS

Updated: May 20, 2023

Massive floods almost simultaneously hit some countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. MAY 2-3, 2023. 💦 ITALY: The EMILIA-ROMAGNA REGION, which has long lacked rainfall, has been hit by unprecedented downpours. Fifteen rivers exceeded critical levels, and flash floods killed several people. The 48-hour rainfall was the most intense spring season in more than half a century in the region. Hundreds of people were evacuated in the affected areas. See our new report for more details. END OF APRIL - BEGINNING OF MAY 2023 🌊 PAKISTAN: Powerful downpours in the southwest have caused river levels to rise. Flash floods in the BALOCHISTAN PROVINCE killed eight people. Houses, bridges and farmland in at least 10 areas have been damaged. The closure of two major highways cut Balochistan off from other parts of the country. LATE APRIL TO EARLY MAY 2023 💦 UGANDA: Heavy rains began as early as late April and had tragic consequences: six people lost their lives in flash floods and landslides. MAY 2-3, 2023. 🌊 RWANDA: Heavy rains and flash floods hit the western and northern provinces of Rwanda hard. The storm struck as people were sleeping, leaving them no chance of escape. Sadly, more than 130 people lost their lives. Dozens more were injured. Over 5,000 houses were destroyed by the torrents of water, leaving thousands of families homeless. Several remote mountainous areas were completely cut off as roads destroyed by landslides became unmovable. MAY 4, 2023. 🌊 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Deadly floods, as in Rwanda, have worsened the ongoing humanitarian crisis: overflowing rivers have flooded several villages in the east and buried houses and their occupants under a thick layer of mud. More than two hundred people were killed. 🆘 Natural disasters that take people's lives are becoming a terrible commonplace. But should man live under the constant threat of death? ⚠️ Now the danger of global catastrophes hangs over us. It won't be long before the climate chaser reaches everyone. But we can save our lives. We can learn to control volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. And it's not science fiction. 📍 Watch the forum "Global Crisis. There is a way out" and become one of the people now building a secure future for all of humanity. The Greatest Event in History will tооk place on April 22, 2023,at the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out" 🌐 Subscribe to your Telegram Channel and stay up to date with current events: 📧 E-mail:

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