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EXTREME Heat in April 2023: Europe and Asia Set New Temperature Records. DROUGHT in Spain

Updated: May 19, 2023

According to the UN, episodes of exceptionally high temperatures have become more frequent in Spain in recent years, leaving nearly 75% of its territory at risk of desertification.

See our new report about the hot April of 2023.

APRIL 24–30, 2023

☀️ SPAIN: Practically the whole territory of the country, and especially its southern part, was covered with an abnormal heat, which in some places reached 40°C. These are very unusual weather conditions for mid-spring, they are more typical for the height of summer. This month was the hottest April on record.

🌡️ At least 96 stations on the Spanish mainland broke records of the maximum temperature. And the recorded values are 10°C and even 15°C higher than the April norm.

APRIL 24–30, 2023

🌡️ PORTUGAL: The same wave of heat brought temperature records to Portugal too. 36.9°C, recorded on April 27 in the municipality of Mora, was the highest April temperature in at least 78 years.

APRIL 2023

☀️ ASIA: An intense and large-scale heat wave also swept across much of Asia in April 2023, breaking multi-year records. Temperatures rose above the limits of human adaptability:

🔸 In India, the sweltering heat took lives of at least 13 people. The temperature rose to 44.5°C.

🔸 In Laos and Thailand all records were broken: temperatures jumped to 42°C and 45°C respectively.

🔸 In most regions of Pakistan the air was above 40°C.

🔸 The capital of Bangladesh recorded the hottest day in 58 years in early April.

🔸 Extremely unusual temperatures for this month were also recorded in Vietnam, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

🔸 In China, more than 100 weather stations detected record high temperatures. Climatologists call this wave of unusual heat the strongest April heat wave in Asian history.

⚠️ Climate change is the main cause of the increasing number and ferocity of heat waves we are observing in Asia and other parts of the planet. On a global scale, the past eight years combined have been the hottest years documented by modern science. These events have significant consequences. For example, periods of extreme heat can limit people's daily activities, affecting their health and well-being, and reduce the amount of production, starting from limiting outdoor construction work and ending with closing schools, and growing crops. At the same time, experts note that extreme weather events will become more frequent and intense with the acceleration of climate change.

📈 All natural disasters happening now fully confirm the correctness of the mathematical model, the results of which were made public by scientists and researchers at the Forum "Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity" at the end of the previous year.

📍 On April 22, 2023, at the Forum "Global Crisis. There is a Way Out", scientists voiced what events will happen before 2036 and how we are able to overcome the climate crisis.

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The Greatest Event in History will tооk place on April 22, 2023,at the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out"

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