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DEVASTATING Impact Of Typhoon Mawar → Guam. TERRIBLE Consequences Of Floods in Algeria & Spain.

OCTOBER 2022-MAY 2023 SPAIN: An extremely dry period that lasted almost eight months ended with a severe storm.

MAY 22-27, 2023 💦 SPAIN: Record heavy rains caused severe flooding in several Spanish cities. The regions of ANDALUSIA, MURCIA, VALENCIA and MADRID were most affected. In ONTENANT, 127.4 mm of rain fell in just twelve hours, the highest May total in a hundred years. The city streets turned into insurmountable obstacles not only for pedestrians, but also for transport. See our new report on these and other massive floods. MAY 24, 2023 🌀 USA: A powerful super typhoon Mawar, which reached Category 5 intensity, struck the largest island of the Mariana Islands archipelago, GUAM. It brought heavy rain and hurricane force winds with gusts up to 250 km/hour. The storm tore down power poles, broke trees, tore the roofs off houses and easily overturned cars. Almost the entire population of the island was left without electricity and many without water supply. Two people were reportedly swept out to sea and efforts to find them were unsuccessful.

MAY 24-25, 2023 💦 ALGERIA: On the same day heavy rains in nine Algerian provinces caused flash floods with serious consequences.

🌊 Rushing waters destroyed many roads, damaged houses, administrative buildings and flooded agricultural fields. Civil defense teams conducted numerous rescue operations to evacuate people trapped by the floodwaters. Sadly, several deaths have been reported.

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