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DAY OF DESTRUCTION: Flooding Catastrophes in Jordan, Romania, and New Zealand

Just one day...

May 29, 2023...

MAY 28-29, 2023

🌊 JORDAN: There have been devastating floods in many parts of the country, especially in the southern and southeastern regions. Terrifying footage has emerged online showing violent torrents of muddy water sweeping away any obstacles in their path.

💠 Large hail also fell in many of the state's provinces, damaging infrastructure and many cars. Unfortunately, there are casualties. For more on the other events of one day, May 29, 2023, check out our new report. MAY 29, 2023

🌊 WEST ROMANIA: A similar situation due to floods has occurred in western Romania. Shocking videos taken in Resita convey the gravity of the situation as powerful torrents of water overwhelmed the city. MAY 29, 2023

💦 NEW ZEALAND: During the same 24-hour period, dozens of people fled their homes due to localized but widespread flooding on Wahee Beach on New Zealand's North Island. People note that the torrential rain came out of nowhere and quickly flooded homes.

Summing up the month it is worth recalling that powerful floods during this period, almost every day flooded some and other regions of the planet. In addition to those mentioned above, other countries in Europe and Asia were also affected by the elements, among them: Germany and Turkey, Lapland, Russia, Afghanistan, India, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Reports about large-scale flooding were received from African countries: Somalia, Algeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and others. Flooding has not bypassed some parts of the United States as well.

📍 The video presents not all climatic events that occurred during the specified period of time.

In addition, only one climatic phenomenon - floods - was presented. However, even this information is enough to understand how much climate change affects the daily lives of people around the planet.

Write in the comments with your insights on this and what climate change is happening in your region.

The Greatest Event in History will tооk place on April 22, 2023,at the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out" 🌐

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