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Creative Society Music — Without You

🌍 The Earth and we, as humanity, are on the brink.

Yet every person is a power. The power of words, the power of friendship, the power of unity and creation. Together we can change the situation in the world. We can change the consumerist format of society into a creative one, and it's quite simple.

❗️ But we cannot do it without you. Without you, we will not win.

This is what the participants of the Creative Society project from Slovakia created together with Sheyla Bonnick.

The music video for the song "Without You" is a creative and musical appeal to people not to forget that together we can do everything!

📢 We invite you to the online Forum "Global Crisis. There is a Way Out" on April 22, 2023, at 15:00 GMT.

🙏 We would like to thank everyone who participated in the making of the music video "Without You": Author, lyrics: Sheyla Bonnick, Michal Volgyi, Karolina Hronova Vocalist: Sheyla Bonnick Mastering: Pavol Fecik Composer, sound producer: Michal Volgyi @MikeValleyproduction Video editing: Patrik Jaks, Miroslav Kasan, Jaromir Latipov Choreography: Noro Grofcik @NorbertNoroGrofcik Dance group: N Dance Company (Marianna Navarová, Barbora Dvořáková, Perla Hrivňáková, Peter Funfálek) Script and direction: Patrik Jaks @patrikstory

📝 Song lyrics:

Save me when I’m falling don’t leave me alone. My heart just starts to rollin' when you keep me in the know. Give me back what’s stolen and I won't feel so blue. Now I’ll never be lonely, No I won't do without you

Listen to my calling, please pick up the phone the world around is dying, baby, no safe place in our home.

Chorus: Without you nothing seems cool, without you there can't be no winning. Without you I am a lonely fool, without you end and no beginning, without you I can't find peace. Without you I'm missing the ocean, without you love just don’t exist. Without you I'm a slave of emotions.

But I'm telling you the truth! We still have time to change it! But it won’t happen without you! Creative Society will change it.

Telling you the truth!

We still have time to change it. But it won’t happen without you! Creative Society will change it.

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