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Creative Ideology and Younger Generation

Updated: May 23, 2023

Worsening of the global crisis of the consumerist format and the aggravation of the climate situation on the planet has forced humanity to ponder: how to go on living and how to overcome the deadlock that humanity has reached? What fate awaits our new generations? Most socially active people in the world conclude that societal change is necessary for all of us to have a future. The transition from the consumerist format to a new format, the Creative Society, is necessary, where everyone will take care of everyone, where relationships among people will be worthy of a Human with a capital H, and not on paper, but indeed. Then humanity has a chance to survive and become a united civilization.

Every society has its own ideology. The consumerist format, which has ruled human society for already 6,000 years, is the format of bestial relations between people, a format dominated by violence, selfishness, greed for profit, deceit, and lies. It is the format that has caused misery, wars, slavery, and the division of society into the rich and the poor in the history of humankind. A Сreative format is a format of cohesion, solidarity, and a united human family. The creative society is a society where human life is valued, where everyone is provided with all the necessary basic needs by birthright, where freedom and equality reign. It is a society of creation, not destruction. It is a society of unity, not division. It is a society of one united common human civilization, not of separated human communities. A great role in the building of the Creative Society is played by ideology, which should be aimed at popularizing the best spiritual and moral qualities of humans. And this must be the basis of propaganda in the media: on television, in the press, on the Internet, on social and public platforms, and so on. This should become the society's need — to live as a human being, in love, respect, peace and friendship. It is the Human with a capital H who must take an active position in the Creative Society. In the new creative ideology a human should be rich in spiritual and moral qualities: humaneness; respect for people; conscientiousness; truthfulness; willingness to perform selfless acts, to always come to help; the ability to be friends and appreciate friendship with all people, regardless of race and nationality. The main task is to bring up a Human being with a capital H. Such people must be nurtured by creating the conditions for their upbringing and development. We need to start with kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions, where mentors will develop children's spiritual nature: strength of spirit, kindness; and teach them to distinguish good from evil, truth from deceit. It is important that young people understand what the spiritual and moral foundations are, how to know themselves, how to discipline their minds, how to learn to live in unselfish communication and find joy in caring for others. Undoubtedly, one must start, first of all, with oneself, to become an example of positive change. We have to analyze our behavior in the family, at work, and in society. Would we like to be treated the same way we treat others? We should ponder whether we set a good example for our children or not. After all, we live and act in the presence of children, and children absorb all our positive and negative qualities like a sponge. The task of every evolving person is to change oneself for the better. Such people are capable of becoming a better version of themselves. By their example, they are able to ignite the hearts of many people, and many people on the planet are able to change humanity. As the saying goes, there are no other people's children in the world, everyone is family! Children are our common future. But what kind of future awaits us if we do nothing now and continue to live in this rotten format of society? It is a shame that there are still many children in the world without a family, and child neglect is one of the terrible social problems of modern society. After all, a childhood without parental love hurts children's souls. The main cause of homelessness and its growth is the consumerist format of society, its aggressiveness, cruelty, rudeness, and deceitfulness. It is the conditions of the consumerist format of society that cause reduced quality of life, egoistic relations between people, family crisis, and destruction of moral values. This common degradation of people affects children in the first place. Addiction to drugs and alcohol, involvement of minors in prostitution — all this is observed even in the most developed countries of the world. The consumerist format of society has triggered tension between different generations because this format is based on an egoistic perception of the world. Even in families, in the relationship between parents and children, there are problems with mutual understanding. Often in developed countries the education system curriculum is overloaded, which affects children’s health and behavior. There is a lack of educational work with children. There are increasing press reports about bold antics and aggressive, violent behavior of the younger generation, contrary to the basic norms of human morality. The number of cases of child abuse by parents is growing. Just think about it, 80% of young children in the world experience mental and physical violence from their parents every day. Is such animal aggression acceptable in a normal civilized society? In all of this, there is a violation of the spiritual and moral basis of human relationships. In the consumerist format of society, sensible parents make a lot of effort to protect their children from propaganda of violence, aggression, and anti-human behavior, advertised in the media in different ways. A big role in solving the issue of preserving a healthy generation is assigned to psychologists and teachers, because their duty is to help "lost" children and parents, to free them from mental suffering. But is it possible to do it alone or in isolated groups, when negative information of the consumerist format, all rotten in its cruelty, is coming from everywhere? No. Only together and in joint effort can we change the format.

The primary goal of the Creative Society is to build a united human civilization based on love, friendship, and mutual respect. In this new society parents and children will change their relationship. Parents will have a lot of free time to develop their children's personality, and raise a healthy and strong generation. While children will have the opportunity to grow as a truly free personality, to fully develop their spiritual and moral potential, to become those who bring positive changes in the life of society and the world around them.

To let this future come faster, we must act now, while there is still a chance and an opportunity. At this stage it is vital to inform everyone about the real prospects and opportunities of the Creative Society. Without this, there will be no mutual work and assistance or a worthy future for humanity.

People across the globe are already uniting. Look at the active participation of people of different nationalities at the conference "Global Crisis. Time for the Truth", what urgent issues were raised, and how everyone is looking for solutions together. The conference was interpreted into more than 100 languages. It is a unique experience of people coming together. Never before has humanity interacted like this. Time for Truth has come!

All this shows that together we constitute unity, strength, and a common egregore in the pursuit of our bright future. The more there are socially active people in the world, the stronger will be the resonance towards the building of a new format - the Creative Society. The future depends on each of us! Nadezhda Orlova

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