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Climate. The Boiling Point

The truth about climate. Causes and consequences of climate change: what is really happening to the planet, and what threatens humanity?

As of today, we have faced the real enemy, the only enemy of all humanity – climate. Why are people being lied to? Why is information about large-scale, rapid climate change being hushed up?

Why an imbalance in all natural systems is taking place, which leads to an increase in the frequency of extreme phenomena (hurricanes, droughts, floods, shoaling of rivers, water disappearance, and so on), temperature anomalies, and natural disasters. In the consumerist format of society, abrupt climate change not only affects people's health but also increases the risk of political disagreements, religious conflicts, and confrontations over access to water and food resources.

What opportunities are available for leveling the impact of climate change? What should smart people do to prevent a disaster? What can even an ordinary person do to change the future? How can we change the future of humanity and the planet? Will humans be able to overcome the dangerous frontier?

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