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Atmospheric Anomalies! A Shocking Forecast!

Updated: May 1, 2023

More and more people are now seeing multi-coloured pillars of light in the sky. What kind of phenomenon is this? 🔹 Abnormal phenomena have started to happen to our planet. How truthful are the scientists' comments on light pillars? 🔹 Light pillars of sunlight and light pillars that appear at sunset: are they of the same nature? 🔹 What are the dangers of red light pillars for our planet? 🔹 Northern lights approaching the equator: so why is this happening? 🔹 Sudden death syndrome: how is it related to our planet's magnetic field? 🔹 What is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. And why, in the near future, will we increasingly see this phenomenon in different parts of the planet? 🔹 Whales are being washed ashore. What's the reason? 🔹 What threatens our existence on planet Earth? 🔹 Is it possible to stabilize climate change on our planet? 🔴 Watch the full version of "Black Spot of the Cerberus", an excerpt of which is presented in this video: 🔴 Interview with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov on the Creative Society: 🌎 "Global Crisis. Our Survival Is in Unity | International Online Forum of November 12, 2022": ✅ Please follow the link and subscribe to our channel on Rumble the video hosting platform:

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