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Armageddon in Indonesia. Deadly December

On December 8, 2021, the Creative Society channel released a video “Armageddon in Indonesia. Deadly December 1". The video is shocking. Within just one month, people in Indonesia experienced a series of disasters. They are the eruption of the Semeru volcano and the emission of volcanic ash, floods that caused landslides, an earthquake and a powerful hurricane.

The worst thing is that before the disaster, the activity of the volcano increased sharply, but no one informed people about the impending danger, and for the residents of Java, this was a deadly surprise. 11 villages in a matter of hours were buried under the ashes and solidified lava. Trees, farms and houses were burnt. Everything got covered with heavy gray ash. Unfortunate people, trying to escape from danger, without realizing it, entered the red-hot lava and only a few managed to survive. Having lost their homes, their households, the inhabitants of Indonesia suffered severe burns, injuries and illnesses, with which their lives will never be the same. Many people remained buried alive under hot lava in their own homes.

“At first I thought it was a bomb explosion, but suddenly it turned out that it was the eruption of the Semeru volcano and the release of volcanic ash. Suddenly, everything went dark, as if something was about to destroy the Earth. My children scattered, my husband was not there, I was waiting for him. And then we ran to the evacuation camp.”

“Suddenly it got dark, then it started to rain, the rain mixed with ash. I ran to look for my child and husband, dirty water was flowing from my house.”

“When I got off the truck, I stepped into the lava. I ran and climbed onto the roof of someone's house. Volcanic ash and smoke were suffocating. I felt like I couldn't breathe properly for 10 or 15 minutes, I don't know. But, thank God, I was given a chance to survive.”

“I couldn't bear it when I saw the corpse of a mother hugging her burnt child. It was very hard for me. Yesterday we also found a mother hugging her two children. I can't imagine what they went through when they were trapped and surrounded with hot ash."

The climate disasters in Indonesia did not stop there. In the same month, new attacks hit the inhabitants of the island: floods that caused landslides, an earthquake and a powerful hurricane. Streets were flooded, houses were destroyed. Once again people found themselves alone with their misfortune, without receiving any help. This is the absurdity of the consumerist format of society, when everyone only cares about their own life and well-being. With all that said, the common enemy of people is gaining strength and power and it is ready to kill every person on the planet. This enemy is climate disasters, which are already destroying and taking the lives of millions of people on Earth.

Therefore, today it is extremely important for us to inform everyone about the climate catastrophes taking place on the planet, so that all of humanity can see the realities of today. Then we will be able to bring together all the scientific potential to jointly find workable and effective ways to counter climate change, save our lives and keep the planet safe. This is possible only in the format of the Creative Society, where the main value is human life.

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