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Absurdity That Reaches Its Apogee

Updated: May 10, 2023

The strongest position is the Truth! Going with the Truth, you become stronger. Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

Today, there are few people in the world who, in one way or another, do not know about fake news and the mendacity and venality of certain mass media. In the conditions of consumer society, journalism, which is actually supposed to objectively and honestly inform people about what is happening in the world, has in fact become a certain commodity. At times, it is quite an expensive and greatly demanded tool to manipulate public opinion and earn enormous money. Whereas some journalists may be compared to representatives of one of the oldest professions, but we won’t name it so as not to offend the latter with this comparison. Why so? Is it really so serious? Judge for yourselves…

Recently, an article appeared in one of the prominent journals, where volunteer participants of the all-human project Creative Society were groundlessly accused for their actions. One of the key claims was that the CO2 theory is the absolute and ultimate truth and all researchers in the world support it, while those who are against it, such as the participants of the Creative Society project, are stupid, narrow-minded people who spread lies about CO2, and who dare to insist that CO2 is not the main factor of the climate change on Earth, and so on, and so forth. Such a distorted judgement is due to the fact that these journalists obviously haven't had the time to at least superficially familiarise themselves with what we are discussing. If they studied our materials even a little bit, they would be convinced that we do not deny the presence of CO2, but we say that there is no real evidence of CO2 being the main cause of climate change. What we say is that CO2 is like a patient's temperature. A temperature that shows that there is a malfunction in the body. But it's just a symptom, not the cause of the disease. Moreover, we state that CO2 has been fought against for already 40 years, and trillions of dollars have been spent on it, but things haven't budged an inch. Nothing has really changed, has it?

Climate disasters are only aggravating and becoming more powerful in their destructiveness! And they take away human lives! Meanwhile, for us it's not merely numbers in statistics or news reports, for us it is human lives! Perhaps, these lives could have been saved (or at least casualties could have been minimised) if we didn't spend so much time and effort on arguing and fighting consequences instead of solving the problem at its root. But as long as these deceitful games, manipulations of public opinion, and hypocritical taboos in science for the sake of money and titles continue, as long as hypocritical statements and deeds are on paper, but not in action, we — people — continue to die because of climate change! Yet, we are people, and we want to live! We don't want to die due to somebody's greed or stupidity. Or cowardice to tell the Truth. That’s what we are talking about in fact.

A lie of one person to another is like a dagger piercing the heart of one human, whereas lies from a journalist, a blogger, or a politician, which may be heard by many people, is a weapon of mass destruction! That’s already quite serious. So, a question arises: what should be the attitude towards those who cause obvious harm to humanity? Unfortunately, as we can see, in the conditions of consumerist format, such non-humans enjoy success, they are praised and supported. Yet, how useful is such an attitude for the human community itself? In a normal society, due to the harmfulness of their activities, such deceitful individuals would have been isolated from society and engaged in socially useful work, such as working in mines, quarries, and so on. Perhaps, the example given below doesn’t depict the gravity and tragedy of the situation, but it is at least some analogy. Imagine society as a single organism, like a dog, for example. One should not be offended by such a comparison, there is nothing offensive in this animal, and by the way, the present-day humankind has not gone far from a pack of wild animals. However, let's go back to our allegory. So, there is a single organism in which there are parasites, for example, mites. Not only do they suck blood from the organism, leading a parasitic lifestyle, not only can they infect the organism with a dangerous disease, but they also rant about the harmfulness of clean water or shampoos that remove everything harmful from the body. The mites scream out loud: "Oh no, don’t use clean water or special shampoos! They are extremely harmful to the body, they kill it. We demand that the world community recognizes water as harmful and bans it!" The dog is already sick, moaning and dying, everyone can see that, but the liars scream, and the farce continues…

This surely sounds absurd, and the example itself is not quite appropriate and doesn’t reflect the whole essence of what is happening. However, in its absurdity and stupidity it is close to what is going on. Isn't it absurd when parasitic liars essentially kill people with their lies? After all, every day, the climate — our common enemy — takes away hundreds of thousands of human lives. Meanwhile, these liars keep silent about the real threat and scope of what the climate is doing, thus basically helping it. At the same time, they accuse people who tell the truth of lying. That’s the paradox of our difficult times when corrupt liars accuse honest people.

There was a philosopher in the last century who once said: “Lies are a reaction of scum to the truth.” The trouble today is that this sheer absurdity has become a commodity offered to consumers by these mites of journalism, so to say. But what should consumers do? Certainly, for people who already encountered the lies or bias of various mass media, publications like this, on the contrary, become a signal or a marker that: "Well, if these liars accuse those people of something, then most likely the latter are not guilty of anything, but on the contrary, they are doing something good, since it provoked such a reaction." Or, "Okay, let me check the information myself and get to know more about what these people are saying and doing because if those liars react in such a way, it means that these guys are doing something good and useful." However, in addition to such people who think, analyse information, and compare facts, there are also others. Let's take, for instance, a man who is tired. He is riding the subway after an exhausting day at work; he’s extremely tired and sluggish, and he reads an article by these corrupt scribblers in his smartphone, accompanied by the monotonous sound of the train wheels. And the following message is engraved in his brain: "Global climate change is a lie; it's just alarmists making a panic out of it. In fact, everything is not that terrible. Scientists will now solve the CO2 problem, everything will be fine, so myself, my family and children, whom I love very much and for whose sake I work as a slave on plantations, will live happily ever after…"

The man wants to believe in it because he has nothing else to hold on to. Because he doesn’t yet know about the alternative to this entire absurdity — about the Creative Society! As for consumer society, it also offers a choice of auxiliary substances to keep the slave in working condition: alcohol, drugs, games (entertainments), as well as the “opium for people” — religion. Please choose, ladies and gentlemen, and don't say you have no choice!

Yet, what would be the picture if the tired man in our example were riding the subway and knew the Truth? The Truth that global climate change on Earth is a consequence of processes taking place in space, and that CO2 is a huge, overblown fake, essentially a multi-billion-dollar business. That’s where Puzo’s quote would be most appropriate: "It's just business. Nothing personal." The scale of this business is such that last year alone, more than 630 (!!!) billion dollars flowed into someone's pockets!!! In the last year alone!!! While this subject has been hyped for over 40 years. There is no solution to the problem, there are only resolutions, meetings, talks, and tons of dollars!!! And the appetites are growing, so with such figures it’s very easy to hire deceitful journalists to write sponsored articles. You can even play big and hire whole newspapers and channels, and even order an "investigation" in social media — that’s already sort of an etiquette obliging you to protect your income. Thus, everyone is sort of happy, including the owners of the business pie worth hundreds of billions (life is great for them!), the corrupt scribblers (their services are in use), and even the poor man in the subway (he feels safer, kind of under anaesthesia).

But what will happen tomorrow? After all, global climate change associated with cosmic cyclicity is a scientific fact! It’s a fact indicated by many scientists. It’s a fact proven by archaeology and clearly showing us that the Earth has already experienced similar cycles. It’s a fact that may be proven by elementary statistics and even publicly available data. It’s an ordinary, generally accessible statistics, but it stubbornly proves that all these processes are gaining momentum, they are linked and become synchronised! And the common enemy of humankind — the climate, which is only gaining strength today, will not spare anyone: neither the owners of multi-billion-dollar businesses (they hope for their bunkers, but alas, bunkers won’t save them!), nor corrupt journalists or collaborationists of all kinds in general — the climate will spare no one at all. It is pitiless. It won’t even spare the poor man in the subway because it’s a cyclical process. It’s a regular occurrence, if you will!

Every 12,000 and 24,000 years, these processes take place regardless of people's desires. These processes cannot be bribed, the climate cannot be corrupted; it doesn't need all the money in the world. It’s just a certain process that is launched, and it has to take place. The only way to avoid the disastrous consequences of this process is to build the Creative Society! A society where humanity, by consolidating its efforts and uniting its entire potential, as a solid unit, can overcome and pass through this difficult stage in its development.

However, let us return to our example of the man in the subway. So what should he do, being deceived and manipulated by the lies of the mass media? Here’s the main point! The whole essence and meaning of this article is precisely to take care of people who find it difficult under the rigid conditions of the consumerist format to verify, analyse and correlate information. As we already noted above, for the category of people who can do that, such provocations and falsifications by mass media are even useful because they create conditions for such people to verify, to check, to compare information on their own, and thus to make their full-fledged, conscious choice: Lies or Truth = Death or Life?

Yet, for people who are cramped and oppressed by the consumerist format, the task is more difficult. Therefore, it is very important for the Truth to appear in the world information space by any means and in an even greater scope! So that people would have an opportunity to see and find out the Truth everywhere: in communication with their friends, relatives, and acquaintances, in social media, in messengers, on television and radio, in advertisements and articles, through art — just everywhere! This information must be all around so that people can learn the Truth amid the piles of lies and fakes! Because everything that is happening is actually an occasion and an impetus for even greater activation and consolidation of efforts of all people of good will across the world in informing humanity about the Creative Society!

Thus, going back to our man in the subway, when he already knows the Truth, it creates conditions for him to take responsibility for his own life and for the lives of his children, relatives and friends. Then, together with the other 8 billion people, while we still have time today, he can use it correctly, constructively and reasonably. For the sake of everyone's survival! Today, we can still change the situation, and for that, we need to unite the entire scientific and technological potential of humankind. In this case, even this man, tired and oppressed by the consumerist format, can really do a lot. For instance, when riding the same subway, instead of reading murderous liars, he can circulate the Truth among his friends and acquaintances in social media, spread information about the Creative Society, and tell people that the Creative Society is the only way out for humanity! He can do it so that neither his life nor the lives of his near and dear people would depend on the actions of murderous liars from journalism. That is why it is very important for this man and all others like him to find out about the Creative Society! That is why the actions of all people are very significant, of all those who understand the importance of building the Creative Society and do everything within their ability to inform humankind about this unique opportunity as soon as possible! And for this very reason, in the present-day world, the honest and objective position of participants within the all-human project Creative Society is extremely important and valuable, for they actually share the Truth with all people on Earth. Truth is the main armour that humanity has today! Truth is our Chance for survival! Truth is humanity's major resource! Truth is the saving potential of humankind! Therefore, dear friends, let us share only the Truth with each other in order to increase our potential and survive!

On May 7th, 2022, on the platform of the international project Creative Society, a unique planetary-scale event will take place — the Forum "Global Crisis. We Are People. We Want to Live", when the entire humanity will again hear the Truth! The Truth that gives us hope for survival! The Truth that inspires us to act! The Truth that makes us free, strong, and able to jointly overcome all the challenges of our difficult time! We invite all of humanity to this Forum because it concerns everyone!

Author: Elchin Akhmedov volunteer of the Creative Society project

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