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A Point or Dots

Updated: May 10, 2023

Sometimes a person's whole life boils down to one point. All of the previous is like preparation or maturation for this moment. And it does not matter what past it is: negative, positive or mixed. The main thing is that this past, in fact, does not exist anymore, but it is the past that has brought a person to this point. And what follows depends on the choice of a person. Either the point remains a point, perhaps, stretched in time, or the point turns into dots leading to Infinity.

And the same fractally applies to all humanity…

If I had the creative courage of Exupery, I would try to describe what is happening in the world today in a drawing that shows humanity as a raging crowd, hurtling toward the edge of a cliff. I would point the precipice with an arrow the consumer format into the abyss of which we are hurtling. In this picture, we are driven to the precipice by climatic, economic, and social crises. But alas and alack... I am not gifted with such a talent, so I will not paint it, but I will continue the description a little bit more.

Everyone thinks it's none of their business. Everyone seeks only personal well-being, sometimes even to the detriment of the well-being of others. The crowd, in reality, is not only disorderly but is also torn by arguments and quarrels... Everything that is going on can be described in three words: suicide, genocide, ecocide. It can be put in any order. As they say, the sum does not change when the summand is rearranged. And the sum in this case is the death of all humanity. Yes, exactly so. The death of everything and everyone, all people and all life. The total destruction of life on the planet.

And here comes a certain Rubicon. If the reader crosses it and follows along with me, he will learn more, and perhaps it will change his life, the life of his relatives and friends, and, as a consequence, the life of all humanity. And if he brushes this article aside, with the words, "Come on, with your scaremongering! It's all nonsense!" and similar exclamations and indignations, then it is his right.

So, together with a courageous and caring reader, we follow to overcome the maze of tricks of the consumer format (c.f.) and reach the clarity and simplicity of the Creative Society (CS). First of all, let us ask ourselves a simple question. Why suicide? Because of our inaction, indifference, apathy, and amoeba-like behavior, our indifference and shifting responsibility for our lives to others, all amount to suicide under the prevailing conditions. Why genocide? Because under these conditions, to continue to lie to people, to withhold full information, to try to treat people in a consuming manner to the last moment, is tantamount to genocide. Why ecocide? Because the first two "-cides” lead us to total ecocide, when our still-living planet can become a dead desert, like Mars.

So, what do we have? To put it mildly, right mess. And all this against a background of increased activeness of destructive work of the climate monster — the common enemy of humanity. The enemy has already declared war on us, which is growing stronger every day and is going to destroy us all.

There is very little good in any of this. And what we see today is only the beginning. There will be more problems, troubles, and disasters to come. We need to understand this in order to act in the right way. And this is not a ‘cawing’ or prophecy, but simply science and common sense — something that many people around the world are already openly talking about. For example, on December 4, 2021, shocking facts revealing the true, large-scale picture of the processes taking place in the world were brought to the public at an international online conference. All in all, the situation is discouraging. Yet, there is one "but" that can radically change the whole picture — it is the Creative Society.

Creative Society(CS) means changing the vector of development from the destructive and consumer "toward everything and everyone" to the creative one, where the world community becomes a single organism and the responsibility for people's lives lies on everyone. Society decides and determines the creative priorities because the life of each person is valuable. Not in words or on paper, but in reality — in action. Do you comprehend all the power and potential of such a society, the monolithic cohesion and power of such a union of people?!

Thousands and thousands of people around the world die every day, but in today's society, these lives are nothing more than numbers in statistics and news reports. The existence of consumer format(c.f.) is to blame, and each of us is a part of it. This format is killing us and making us inhuman. It is not even the enemy destroying the planet today that is frightening, but primarily our inhumanity, separateness and separation. But if we are one human family, we are not afraid of this enemy. "If all the peoples of the Earth are united, they can make mountains dance," so says the eastern wisdom preserved in the memory of the people.

Today it is very important to understand and realize that regardless of social status, each person, by maintaining the life of the consumer format(c.f.), is in fact digging a grave for himself and all of humanity. Some more, some less, but we all do it together. Every day in the world people die of hunger, military conflicts, and climatic disasters. And yesterday they were still alive, with their joys, dreams and hopes for the better. But they are gone. The point. They will not see the sunrise again, they will not hug their loved ones and relatives at sunset, they will not rejoice in the sky, the sea, the rain... Everything is over for them and nothing can be changed.

Today we can create conditions so that we could live in a different world tomorrow — a creative, kind and friendly world where everyone will be fully supplied with everything they need for a decent life.

The reader may wonder: how am I to blame and involved in the fact that, for example, people died because of a tornado in America yesterday? I actually live in Australia, I am an ordinary farmer, a kind, good man, I do no harm to anyone, I pay my taxes on time, I obey laws and I do not understand what I am to blame for.

The point is that today all over the world, in all countries to a greater or lesser degree, there is a serious crisis, intensified by the growing rage of nature. It’s already seizing the entire Earth, all of humanity. And it is impossible to ignore it, whoever we are. In doing so, we turn away from these harsh realities and the whole menacingly frightening picture, guided by various arguments sounding in our minds. At this moment we become silent accomplices to a global anti-human crime. Maybe, passive ones, but anyway we are accomplices. Because, by shutting ourselves out and avoiding the problem, we do not solve it, we do not look for a way out, but we take the position of an ostrich, trying to hide. But will the problem disappear because we hide? No! Wherever we run, the Earth is round, and the problems will catch up with us.

So, why is Creative Society so important, and why is it the only model of society that offers a chance for the survival of all mankind? In order to get complete answers to these and similar questions, the most correct and effective thing would be watching the videos with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Watching these videos will give a voluminous and holistic understanding. And here, another Rubicon may arise: so many videos, so many hours? When can I watch them? I have no time...

But this all is a question of priorities. If the question is about the survival of all humanity, your relatives and loved ones, then you can find time, if you want to: in the subway, in the car, with your headphones on while walking your dog... No matter where. Those who want, they look for opportunities, and those who don't want, they find excuses. After all, you have time for soccer, soap operas, beer with friends and other things, so why not find it for something that can turn a point into dots.

If you, my esteemed reader, do not show activeness, and remain indifferent, it means that there will be a point. But if you overcome your laziness, unwillingness, apathy, a flurry of protesting aggressive thoughts in your head and get acquainted with the Creative Society project, then you and all of humanity have a real opportunity to change the point to dots...

Now let’s get back to answering the question: What exactly can everyone do to change the world? Humanity has only one right solution to all the problems, and it is a Creative Society. Every sane, adequate and reasonable person can ascertain this for himself by carefully studying all information about the project. And so, today the right and timely action is to start informing everyone, whoever we can. This is the most effective solution to change the world and save humanity. It is the information stage that is the most important and the most difficult. Everything else will be much easier, because all human potential will be involved, and this is an enormous power! To break the deadlock and to make an evolution, it is necessary to know where to move. This is why it is so important to inform people about the project today, so that we can live in the Creative Society tomorrow.

"If we remember that we are humans, we will be able to change a lot.

And everything is indeed in our hands. It's true that we can do a lot.

But we can do it only together."

I.M. Danilov from the video Climate Threats. Variants for Survival

A participant of the Creative Society project

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