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What is the relation between CO2 and global temperatures? | Jan-Erik Solheim

Jan-Erik Solheim is a Professor of The Arctic University of Norway (UiT).

He is a part of the editorial board for a new journal, Science of Climate Change.

Jan-Erik Solheim was responsible for the establishment of the Skibotn Observatory. Was the head of the Scientific and Technical Committee for the Nordic Optical Telescope, which was built on La Palma, Canary Islands.

He participated in the organization of an international astronomical observation network — The Whole Earth Telescope.

In this interview, we’ll find out about:

🔹 Fluctuations of temperatures and CO2 throughout the Earth history

🔹 Comparison of the amount of CO2 from Nature and from mankind

🔹 Experiment with greenhouse and CO2

🔹 Factors that are causing the warming

🔹 Causes of climate change

🔹 Reasons of magnetic field weakening and why is the North Pole shifting And much more International online conference "Global Crisis. Time for the Truth", interpreted into 100 languages of the world:

"Scam of the Century. CO2 | International Discussion":

"Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live" | Official trailer. International Forum:

🌐 Official website of the Creative Society international project:

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