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6 Steps that Anyone Can Take Already Today to Bring the Creative Society Closer

6 Steps to Building the creative Society

Use social media

The Internet is the main engine of progress, trendsetter and platform for meetings and communication with millions of like-minded people. It is the fastest and more efficient tool to notify a great number of people within a short period of time. Every social network has its pros and cons, its own target audience and prevailing age group with relevant preferences. Choose what is close to you and act in this direction. If you like photos, choose Instagram. If you enjoy recording or watching short videos, use TikTok. For long videos choose YouTube. If you like to read or can express your thoughts in writing, go to Twitter or Telegram. There are also other popular social media where you can publish posts and share information, such as Facebook, VKontakte, and Odnoklassniki. There are many people in the world who are close to you in values, preferences and worldviews. Just don’t be afraid to be yourself, bravely speak of what you consider necessary, and they themselves will find you. Meanwhile, like-minded people in building the Creative Society are actually the entire humanity. They should just learn about it, so go ahead and notify them.

Check your contact list

Are there people in your contact list who haven't heard about the Creative Society? If yes, it is time for them to learn about it. If fear of "will they accept it or not" stops you, leave that choice to them. The same applies to social media. By the way, I first discovered this wonderful way of checking contact lists in the video Creative Society Unites Everyone, and I recommend you to watch it.

Overcome the fear of talking to a stranger

Eventually, you will have to build the Creative Society together, so it is more than logical to get acquainted before the joint productive work.

Stop listening to stereotypical phrases of consciousness

Many people who started acting in a positive creative way and informing others about the Creative Society notice the following flow of thoughts: “I can’t”, “I will fail”, “No one will listen to me”, I don’t know how to do that”, “I’m afraid to make a mistake”, and so on. These kinds of stop-words in our heads not only immobilize us, but also prevent us from seeing the big picture, thinking creatively and unconventionally, finding interesting solutions and simply acting.

Eliminate fear of public opinion

Are you afraid of doing something because you don’t want to see a note of judgement, indignation or mockery in people around you: “what will others say?”, “how will I look in the eyes of others?”, and so on. Let me tell you a secret: the consciousness of every person who is attuned to a consumerist wave, first of all, thinks about itself. Even if thoughts arise about other people, they are short-lived because a person starts thinking about himself again. As for a mature, spiritually evolving Personality, a person who works on himself will be more than objective. Thoughts from consciousness cannot seize his attention. What kind of hasty conclusions, manipulations, belittling, judgements or comparisons can there actually be? That’s right — none. Well, who you meet along the way is not your choice, and you don't have to live with it. You will only be left with the consequences of your own choices.

Fill in information gaps

We often make mistakes or have doubts due to a lack of knowledge. For example, you’ve been inspired by the idea of building the Creative Society. But you haven’t fully understood the basic guidelines of such a society, you haven’t fully understood the qualitative difference between this idea and any other historical attempt to build a better world. You don't know about the stages of building the Creative Society or why in the Creative Society there will be self-government of people, and why it is so important. Naturally, in conversations with other people, without sufficient information, it won’t be possible to objectively convey the entire essence and importance of the Creative Society. Of course, you might succeed! But admit it that, if you have a sufficient base of information, facts, and evidence, you have a much better chance of being heard.

6 Steps to building the Creative Society

Roberts Petersons, France

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