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Prediction of earthquakes by detection of the air voltage signals. Dyson Lin

Dyson Lin – Founder and CEO of Taiwan Quake Forecast Institute, independent researcher. He made accurate prediction of the recent 6.4M Earthquake in California (December 20, 2022) using his own detection method, which allows him to indicate the magnitude, time and location of the expected seismic events. He develops his own method based on the detection of the air voltage signals, he also designed the instrument for this method, which can be used by any person. His method demonstrated high accuracy and was tested on the earthquakes in Turkey, Taiwan, the US and many other regions. Predicting earthquakes is not an easy topic. What difficulties does he face by conveying this information and warning people? Dyson shares his predictions via social networks and internet, with no any financial support from big institutions, he helps to many people to be informed and prepared. International online conference "Glob

al Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity", interpreted into 150 languages of the world: Scam of the Century. CO2 | International Discussion Official website of the Creative Society international project: Email:

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